CoD: Modern Warfare 4 menu ‘leak’ stirs debate: real or fake?

The Call of Duty community is on tenterhooks waiting for the official announcement of the next installment in the iconic franchise. However, one new ‘leak’ has sparked a wide-ranging debate over what fans are getting.

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Will CoD 2019 be Modern Warfare 4?

Everything seems to be in place for Call of Duty fans to be getting their hands on Modern Warfare 4, but there has been no official word just yet. Previous leaks have suggested that fans will get the game with a battle royale, a single-player campaign, and a revamped multiplayer mode – with other ‘leaks’ disputing that information.

No one, bar the game’s developers are entirely certain just what title they’ll be playing come the next holiday season. However, a new image suggests that the game will have a ‘dynamic and uncensored’ menu – yet, some fans aren’t buying it.

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Infinity WardFans may not get their hands on Modern Warfare 2 Remastered just yet.

The image was posted by Reddit user ‘SwiftNL’, who says they aren’t behind the original photo, on the MW4 subreddit on April 5 and had a caption stating that it was from a ‘developer/alpha test.’

While its legitimacy cannot be confirmed, other Reddit users believe that the image is actually from a different type of Modern Warfare game – a remaster of the popular Modern Warfare 3 title. One fan commented: “Its MW3 remastered, you could see the guy from the cover, aka Frost, in the top left corner.”

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Reddit: SwiftNLThe full image of the apparent ‘Modern Warfare 4’ menu leak.
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The captioned photo was taken and later enhanced by user ‘GamingHermit2K17’, giving fans a better look at the images that should in the background of the supposed ‘leak.’

The theory that the image was faked and stemmed from some sort of Modern Warfare 3 remastered menu was backed up by fans dissecting the zoomed in photo. “My God, I swear some of y’all haven’t seen the MW3 Cover before,” added user ‘smurphphd’. “It’s clearly MW3 remastered. Not MW2 remastered nor MW4. Smh [shaking my head].”

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GamingINTEL, who claim to have their own sources, reported that they believe the menu leak is fake, explaining that menu’s are not usually developed by this stage.

It remains to be seen if the image is actually real and if fans will be able to get their hands on a remaster of an old Modern Warfare title alongside a brand new one.