Pamaj slams Black Ops 4 and explains why he’s done with Call of Duty

. 3 years ago

FaZe Clan YouTuber Austin ‘Pamaj’ Pamajewon looks set to move away from Call of Duty, at least temporarily, due to a perceived lack of new content in Black Ops 4 – but just how does it compare to previous CoD titles?

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Why is FaZe Pamaj moving away from Call of Duty?

Pamaj has been one of the biggest names in the Call of Duty sniping community for many years, known for his sniping montages and incredible ‘quick-scoping’ talents. As a result of this talent, and his association with OpTic and FaZe, he has amassed over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

In spite of the criticism Call of Duty has received over the past few installments, Pamaj has always stuck by the series and continued to upload gameplay to his YouTube channel. Now, though, Pamaj believes CoD is “so boring” and that it’s “time to vlog.”

Pamaj stuck with Call of Duty even through its popularity slumps in IW and WWII, as well as its high-points.
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He goes on to say that his fans know how long he has “rocked” with CoD for, but believes the series is not worth playing due to a number of “trash updates” that don’t “even contribute to anything.”

In a second tweet, Pamaj goes on to explain that when other players moved away from CoD he continued to play it as he “genuinely enjoyed” it, but “now they can’t even give us content”.

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How much content has Black Ops 4 provided compared to other CoD games?

Black Ops 4 was released on October 12, 2018 and so, at the time of writing, is just over 6 months into its life cycle. In that time, game developers Treyarch have added 5 new guns into the game’s multiplayer modes, and 2 new melee weapons. These are the Swat RFT (AR), Daemon 3XB (SMG), SwitchBlade X9 (SMG), Kap-45 (Machine Pistol) and the Rampage (Shotgun).


In comparison, last year’s CoD game, WWII, had 13 guns and 4 melee weapons added by the same point in the game’s life cycle. These were:

  • Winter Siege Event – Gewehr 43 (AR), Sten (SMG), GPMG (LMG), Ice Pick (Melee), Trench Knife (Melee)
  • The Resistance Event – Volkssturmgewehr (AR), Orso (SMG), 9mm SAP (Pistol), Combat Knife (Melee)
  • Shamrock & Awe Event – M-38 (SMG), MG 81 (LMG)
  • Blitzkrieg Event – Type 5 (AR), ITRA Burst (AR), M2 Carbine (AR), Type 38 (SR), Sterling (SMG), Baseball Bat (Melee)

There is a similar story when looking at multiplayer maps. By mid-April of 2018, WWII had seen 10 new maps added. These were:

  • The Resistance Map Pack – Anthropoid (MP), Occupation (MP), Valkyrie (MP), Operation Intercept (War Mode), The Darkest Shore (Zombies)
  • The War Machine Map Pack – Dunkirk (MP), Egypt (MP), V2 (MP), Operation Husky (War Mode), The Shadowed Throne (Zombies)

Black Ops 4

In contrast, Black Ops 4, operating under the new ‘Black Ops Pass’ method of dispensing DLC content, has only seen 7, not including re-skins of original maps (e.g. Firing Range Night, Arsenal Sandstorm). These are:

  • Operation Absolute Zero – Elevation (MP), Madagascar (MP), Dead of the Night (Zombies)
  • Operation Grand Heist – Casino (MP), Lockup (MP), Alcatraz (Blackout), Ancient Evil (Zombies)

As a result, it does appear that Pamaj’s complaints have some weight behind them, as Black Ops 4 has seen less than half the amount of new guns added, as well as 3 less brand new maps.

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