CoD Zombies fans suggest iconic Black Ops 2 modes should return


CoD Zombies fans have enjoyed a decade of traditional survival battles. Black Ops 2 had a different approach which fans are eager to see return. 

Treyarch’s reputation within the Zombies community is iron clad. There may have been some divisive choices over the last decade and fans still put their trust in the original Zombies creators. A new era of Zombies is fast approaching with the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard drawing closer. Before players can experience what horrors await, others in the community are suggesting Treyarch revisit forgotten concepts. 

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Black Ops 2 proved to be a curious landmark in the Zombies saga. Deploying squads into the eerie roads of Tranzit, Treyarch also introduced PVP elements in the form of two modes: Grief and Turned. 

Vanguard could lead the way to a thrilling reinvention. 

CoD VanguardActivision
Treyarch will lead Zombies into a new era this November.

Black Ops 2 modes to make a comeback?

CoD Zombies for the most part, has always been about the core survival experience. Nothing gets the adrenaline going like outrunning a horde of biting undead. Contemporaries in the genre may have tried their hand at it, but Treyarch always had the keys to success. Now players are hoping conceptual game-modes like Gun Game might make an appearance in Zombies going forward. 

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Twitter user LegoUnlocked proclaimed that “Gun Game in Cold War Zombies would be amazing”, before venting their desire to see PVP modes return down the line. Grief mode saw two teams of four fight against hordes, aiming to be the last team standing. Turned on the other hand put players in the shoes of the undead for the first time ever. 

As Onslaught and Outbreak have proven to be successful reinterpretations of the Zombies formula, there is still room for the developers to turn their attention onto these beloved modes. Some fans are confused why this hasn’t already been the case. 

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“This would have so much replay value” another fan said. Gun Game arriving into Zombies would certainly be a special take on the already winning gameplay loop. The added challenge of random weapons is already sweaty, but the competition between your squad is an unreal proposition. Treyarch will have a lot of options to choose from with the future of Zombies.

No matter what form the game-mode takes in the future, we’re sure it’ll be an enthralling ride.

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