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CoD Zombies fan remakes Origins map in VR and it’s amazing

Published: 10/Oct/2021 11:49

by Sam Comrie


Call of Duty Zombies players can get a taste of immersion with their Ray Gun’s now, as clever creatives have brought iconic maps to Pavlov VR and it’s pretty amazing. 

CoD Zombies has given players a vast array of locations, timelines, and out-of-this-world events to explore over the years.

Starting within a claustrophobic bunker and bringing players all the way to a Soviet military base ripped apart by other dimensions, no matter what the end result is, the developers have definitely given fans an incredible amount of variety.

Now, the time to strap on a VR headset has arrived as dedicated fans are bringing classic maps to life in VR.


CoD Zombies Ray Gun
Activision / Treyarch
Forsaken pits players inside a top-secret Soviet military base.

Brilliant fans recreate Origins zombies map

Debuting originally on Black Ops 2, Origins brought together the original cast of Zombies characters to survive in the trenches. With an enormous Mech roaming the map and medieval-inspired undead after your brains, the map has become a fan-favorite over the years.

For players looking to their immersion to the next level, the VR-based shooter Pavlov VR is enabling fans to get a first-hand look into the thrills of Zombies mayhem.

The attention to detail in this fan-made recreation has led to players being thoroughly impressed by what they’ve seen. “This is so cool dude. Imagine like 10 years from now how advanced games will be,” said one. “Wow need to try this – VR CoD Zombies is amazing,” another impressed player added.



It isn’t just Origins that has received the VR remake treatment either. Kino Der Toten, Buried, and Der Riese are all available to explore if players dare to face these spooky foes head-on.

Black Ops Cold War debuted its final chapter of the Cold War Zombies cycle, leading to the chilling Forsaken map.