Warzone 2 streamer stunned as “friendly” proximity chat player gets wrecked

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Twitch streamer AshIV_ met a friendly Warzone 2 player courtesy of proximity chat, yet a shocking turn of events cut their union short.

Infinity Ward introduced the new chat feature upon launching Call of Duty: Warzone 2 earlier this month. An extension of the existing chat system, the proximity functionality allows players to hear the nearby communications of other users.

Thus far, some people have seen proximity chat prove beneficial for making new friends. Others, however, have used the system to eavesdrop on enemy teams and gain battlefield advantage.

But sometimes, these things aren’t so black and white. One player just so happened to learn as much the hard way.

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Friendly proximity chat encounter in Warzone 2 turns deadly

While playing a Warzone 2 match, Twitch streamer AshIV_ ran into a fellow user, Jacob, who’d just figured out how the proximity feature works. Both players quickly establish themselves as friendlies, then head out together.

They encounter another player not too long thereafter, who quickly makes it known they have no interest in playing nice.

“Are you friendly,” Jacob asks the newcomer, only to be treated to the words, “I’m after you, actually.” Jacob dies by exposition in mere seconds, which elicits a hearty laugh from Ash.

If that wasn’t wild enough, the not-so-friendly shooter tells the streamer they’re “cool,” before taking off in the opposite direction.

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Warzone 2’s proximity chat continues to shift the nature of things in-game. While some people are making friends, others are, clearly, stumbling across new enemies.

It has additional uses, too, such as helping identify stream snipers. As time goes on, it’ll be interesting to see how else Call of Duty players exploit the advantages and disadvantages of proximity chat.

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