CoD Vanguard’s most frustrating problem might be player collision

James Busby
CoD Vanguard operators firing guns

CoD Vanguard players want Sledgehammer Games to make adjustments to the frustrating issues surrounding the game’s player collision detection.

Player collisions, also known as body blocking, can be a huge problem in CoD titles. Not only can it prevent players from rushing onto objectives, but it can also lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths. This issue is currently highlighted in Vanguard’s smaller maps like Das Haus, where the high player traffic and limited entry points aggravate the problem further. 

From being knocked out of cover to giving enemies free multi-kills, player collision is often the bane of many CoD players’ experience. Modern Warfare devs previously addressed this and Vanguard players are hoping Sledgehammer does the same. 

Vanguard fans want player collision changes

Das House map in CoD Vanguard
Das Haus has aggravated the player collision problem further.

While Vanguard’s launch has been met with a large amount of praise from the CoD community, there have been a number of issues that fans want the developers to address. Currently, one of the top complaints surrounding the game is that of player collision. 

If you’ve been using Vanguard’s Blitz Combat Pacing filter or running back-to-back sessions of Das Haus, then chances are you’ve experienced body blocking. Whether it’s sprinting through a choke point only to be stopped by a prone teammate or being jolted into enemy fire, Vanguard’s allied collision continues to be a huge problem for many players. 

“I’ve been killed multiple times when I couldn’t get to cover because a teammate blocked me,” said TraumaTracer. “It’s so frustrating and has no point to exist. Please do something [about] it.” 

For those that play the standard 6v6 modes, body blocking isn’t such a huge issue. In fact, the lower density of players invariably means you can sprint around the map without issue. However, once large volumes of players are clustered together, collisions are naturally going to be more frequent.

“I swear to god, it’s like I’m back in high school walking behind a bunch of freshmen that take their sweet ass time to get to class and I got places to be, explained one player. “I’m borderline playing in third-person when my teammates in front of me go exactly where I want to go”.

Player collision isn’t the only thing that is getting players killed, there have also been reports of chairs and doors also causing weird deaths. Hopefully, Sledgehammer addresses this issue soon or works to tone it down in a future update. 

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