CoD Vanguard players call for OP attachment to be removed completely

James Busby

CoD Vanguard’s weapon meta is still forming, but it appears the Vital Proficiency is already making waves in the game’s community for all the wrong reasons. 

Unlike previous Call of Duty titles, Vanguard enables players to kit their weapons out with 10 attachments. Not only does this allow for huge amounts of variety, but it can also lead to some incredibly broken builds. However, the game’s most OP attachment is that of the Vital Proficiency bonus, which increases the area of critical hits. 

This means the gun’s upper chest damage deals the same damage as a well-aimed headshot. Of course, this is extremely useful for those that want to kill their targets even quicker without having to aim for an enemy’s head.

Combine this damage increase with the already quick TTK and you have a recipe for some devastating loadouts. 

Vanguard players call for Vital Proficiency changes

STG44 in Warzone
The STG44 is the biggest culprit when it comes to the Vital attachment.

So far, Vanguard’s multiplayer lobbies have been filled with the STG44 and MP40. While this is largely down to both guns being default unlocks, many players have been using the German AR thanks to its Vital Proficiency attachment. 

This unlock is rewarded to those that level up the STG44 to level 55 and it transforms the gun into a two-shot machine. However, it’s not just the STG44 that has access to the Vital Proficiency. Reddit user NotJackDorsey noted how even the Type 100 became capable of dishing out some ludicrous damage. 

“So I’ve been using the Type 100. It’s got a pretty average TTK, and I’m a horribly average player…, but then I unlocked the Vital Proficiency, stuck it on my gun and I sh*t you not, I went 73 and 10 in my first game.”

STG44 Vanguard loadout screen
The Vital Proficiency attachment speeds up Vanguard’s TTK even further.

Having such a huge damage increase on full-auto weapons can lead to some incredibly fast kills – an area that is proving to be frustrating for many Vanguard players. In fact, some members of the game’s community believe this attachment should only be available to Marksman Rifles and Snipers. 

“I think they should take it off of any full auto weapons,” explained Grundlestiltskin_. “I was testing it on the SVT in a private match and it was really fun, that gun is pretty average without it.”

Whether Sledgehammer will make adjustments to the Vital Proficiency remains to be seen, but it’s clear that many Vanguard players want this attachment to receive some nerfs in the future.

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