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CoD Vanguard players furious as game’s double XP simply “not working”

Published: 21/Nov/2021 16:43 Updated: 21/Nov/2021 17:05

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty: Vanguard players have been left fuming after the game’s ongoing double XP weekend appears to be functioning incorrectly – much like those of Modern Warfare 2019. 

Double XP weekends are anticipated by CoD fans of all abilities, no more so than in the first few weeks of a game’s launch.

Vanguard’s most recent double XP event has seen both multiplayer and weapon XP boosted, meaning players can level up their accounts and weapons much faster than usual.

However, there have been some community concerns about the XP weekend, with YouTuber S0ur among those to reveal its discrepancies. His investigation found that he was rewarded anywhere from 0.75 XP to 1.5 XP.


Das Haus map with Vanguard logo
It’s one of Vanguard’s earliest double XP events, and it’s already malfunctioning.

Fans have now echoed the issues S0ur exposed, comparing the problems to double XP bugs that Modern Warfare 2019 experienced – including ones which simply saw normal levels of XP handed out during boosted events.

Redditor ‘DocDeezy‘ was one of many players to draw attention to the problems, writing: “Is double weapon XP weekend even working? I got up and started playing at 8 am. It’s 10 am now, been playing the Ship Haus playlist averaging 30-50 kills on Das Haus and averaging 50-80 kills on Shipment.

“My AR only went from level 23 to level 37.. in 2 hours, that feels slow. Or is the weapon XP so incredibly slow that even double weapon XP doesn’t feel good either?”


Is double weapon xp weekend even working? from CODVanguard

Others echoed the player’s concerns, with one highlighting S0ur’s video and claiming they have experienced the exact issues he describes in his video.

Another questioned whether Vanguard’s pacing customization may have caused the problems, as well as stating that double weapon XP appears to be broken.

Sledgehammer have not yet responded to the issues, but we can expect a prompt fix if indeed the boosted XP is not being distributed as intended.