YouTuber S0ur discovers CoD Vanguard’s Double XP has “huge discrepancies”

. 7 months ago
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A Preseason Double XP event dropped into CoD Vanguard on November 18, but all isn’t well according to YouTuber ‘S0ur’, who uncovered some “huge discrepancies” between the values being awarded and intended XP gains.

Less than two weeks after launch, Sledgehammer Games dropped a Double XP event in Call of Duty: Vanguard, offering players a chance to level up their operators, battle pass, and weapons even faster ahead of Season 1’s delayed launch on December 9.

Double XP is always a welcome addition to any CoD title, helping players get their arsenal up-to-speed if they’ve been slacking off the grind a bit. Unfortunately, it appears Vanguard’s latest XP offering hasn’t gone off without a hitch.

After testing out different XP values and setups, YouTuber S0ur made an unexpected (and unwelcome) discovery: Vanguard’s Double XP event has actually been rewarding players with less experience than intended.

Call of Duty Vanguard Shipment Map Characters Fighting Map Return Final
Vanguard’s Preseason Double XP event doesn’t seem to be working as intended.

S0ur discovers CoD Vanguard Double XP discrepancies

S0ur shared his findings in a video on his YouTube channel. After testing a variety of factors over the course of two days, the content creator zeroed on his “terrible” discovery.

“Despite the supposed Double XP, I was getting anywhere from 1.5 times to .75 times XP — less than the base values should be,” he revealed.

After tying his discovery to time spent playing Vanguard’s Shipment map, S0ur did some further testing and uncovered what he believes is the root of the issue: “My best theory is that gaining weapon XP too rapidly will cause it to not be tracked properly.”

“Double XP can work correctly under the right circumstances,” S0ur clarified, before continuing “And yet, Double XP combined with getting lots of kills quickly seems to be causing this huge discrepancy, sometimes [granting] less than half of the expected XP.”

“That could explain your feeling of being cheated out of weapon XP,” the YouTuber revealed. He also confirmed that “The double weapon XP [event] seems to make the discrepancy much worse.”

Other Call of Duty personalities, like Warzone mastermind JGOD, chimed in with their own concerns, and asked developer Sledgehammer to clarify whether Double XP was working as intended or if there is some kind of bug affecting it.

This particular problem doesn’t appear on Sledgehammer’s list of known issues at the time of writing,  but if S0ur’s theory proves true, it’s likely the Vanguard developer will push out a quick fix to get the bugged XP back on track.

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