Modern Warfare players angry with “fake” double XP weekend

Connor Bennett

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players have been reporting that they aren’t receiving any double XP despite Infinity Warfare putting on a bonus-filled weekend. 

Grinding your way through Call of Duty’s multiplayer levels is an annual tradition that every CoD fan goes through. Though, it’s made ever so easier by double XP – either thanks to a 2XP weekend or because you’ve got a code for an hour. 

These Double XP weekends, in recent years, have also extended to weapon XP as well, meaning you can get needed attachments and everything else much quicker. However, things don’t seem to have gone to plan with Modern Warfare’s July 4th weekend of celebrations.

Double XP icons from Modern Warfare
Double XP is usually a godsend for CoD players.

A huge number of modern Warfare players have complained that they aren’t receiving their double XP, noting that they’ve been keeping an eye on things after their growing suspicions.

“For those of you who play hardpoint, you know that if you’re on the Hardpoint the moment it spawns, it gives 450 XP, so with double XP it gives 900XP (as it did before), but this time around, it’s still 450XP,” said Redditor Radeni, claiming that the bonus weekend is “fake” and that XP has been halved. 

Plenty of others chimed in with their stories of playing hours upon hours of Shipment and Shoot House 24/7 playlists, but barely seeing their battle pass level improve.

Some players said that they’ve been trying to level up the brand-new Rytec AMR sniper rifle by taking advantage of the double XP weekend and it has been a grind because of the lack of double progression. 

However, others have reported that progression on the weapon is bugged if you don’t use normal sniper rounds. So, you might have to ditch the explosives for now. 

At the time of writing, neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have weighed in on the matter, leaving fans in the dark about whether or not the double XP is actually bugged. 

We’ll just have to keep an eye on things and see if the developers have a way to get the issues sorted out.

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