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CoD Vanguard gameplay reveals potentially grim fate for quickscoping

Published: 25/Aug/2021 20:52

by David Purcell


Call of Duty Vanguard is on the horizon and Sledgehammer Games decided to ramp up the game’s hype by 1000% during Gamescom 2021, revealing new gameplay for Warzone and Vanguard – but we might have some bad news for quickscopers. 

Quickscoping is something of an art form in CoD, with players wanting to show off their sniping skills by only looking down the sight for a brief moment (if that), before striking their enemy down.

In recent times, there have been games that allow this to happen a little more than others, and early gameplay is always good to gauge how effective the sniping strategy will be in the upcoming game.


Now that we have some footage to look at, it’s fair to say some players may not like what they see.

cod vanguard screenshot
The new Vanguard gameplay video gave us a clearer picture of some environments, too.

CoD Vanguard gameplay revealed at Gamescom

During the game showcase, a number of titles were given slots to promote their studios’ work – from Vanguard to Halo Infinite.

In the Vanguard segment, Warzone fans were given a small taste of what life will be like after the new game’s integration, though it’s not looking good for quickscopes.

Quickly after the Gamescom showcase went live, Call of Duty’s YouTube channel uploaded a Stalingrad demo playthrough, which showed just how slow ADSing with a sniper will be in Vanguard.


(Timestamp at 2:37 in the video below)

Vanguard sniper footage

The good news for players, though, is that this is the first time that gameplay has been revealed by Sledgehammer – meaning it’s all subject to change, especially the little details.

There is a chance that we could see aiming speeds like these increased before launch, for Multiplayer, but that remains to be seen.

However, all we can judge right now is what’s in front of us and if you are a CoD player that likes to give quickscopes a try, this might not be your year to wield a sniper.

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