CoD pros lash out at “dogsh*t” Vanguard immediately after CDL season ends

Brad Norton
CoD Vanguard gameplay

Just moments after the 2022 Call of Duty League season came to a close, pro players finally let out their true feelings after bottling it up all year, with some even calling it “the worst game [they’ve] ever played.”

Since the CDL came into effect with the 2020 season, pro players have been punished for speaking their minds. Just for being critical, they risk hefty fines that have left even the likes of Scump “scared” to voice new opinions.

As a result, despite Vanguard’s well-documented issues throughout the year, players mostly kept silent during the season in fear of these consequences.

With Champs now in the books, however, the gloves just came off. Mere hours after the conclusion of the 2022 post-season and players are finally unleashing their pent-up frustrations, slamming Vanguard as a “dogsh*t” entry in the CoD franchise.

“Thank god I’ll never have to play this dogsh*t” CoD ever again,” Champs runner-up aBeZy said on Twitter shortly after Atlanta FaZe suffered a 2-5 loss to LA Thieves.

“Literally the worst game I’ve ever played,” he added, to which many fellow pros soon agreed.

“Dude it’s so bad,” Clayster chimed in. “Can concur,” Standy replied. “Waiting for that one,” his teammate Arcitys joked.

Complaints about the state of Vanguard flooded the timeline from players now done with the title. One particular issue that impacted Ultra’s CleanX seemingly restricted him from using tactical equipment and his Dead Silence ability.

“If anyone is a controller genius and knows the fix, let me know,” he said on August 6. Two days later, he found a solution. Just by switching account, those features came back into effect. “Gonna miss Vanguard,” he said sarcastically.

Another potentially game-breaking issue was revealed shortly thereafter when Arcitys exposed yet another x-ray vision glitch. This time, if players looked at the floor and had breakable surfaces in their sights, they could allegedly see right through.

“God bless this game is done,” he added while signing off on the year.

For the most part, it’s evident pros weren’t all too pleased with the year now gone. Sights are now set on the season ahead and with Modern Warfare 2 coming into focus, Vanguard can be left behind once and for all.

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