Scump angered by CDL fines “censoring” his opinions on Call of Duty

Joe Craven
Scump looking at Black Ops Cold War character

OpTic Chicago veteran Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has hit out at the Call of Duty League for ‘censoring’ his opinions, after apparently receiving a fine for criticizing Black Ops Cold War’s lack of a League Play mode. 

With the release of Black Ops Cold War on November 13, community opinions have begun to filter in as players offer feedback. 

Among other things, the lack of a League Play/Ranked mode has been criticized, a feature that was also totally missing in 2019’s Modern Warfare. 

Scump has been among these critical voices, stating that a League Play or Ranked mode should be a base inclusion at launch for every Call of Duty title. 

“How does Call of Duty not get released with a ranked playlist every year?” he tweeted. “I am just genuinely confused. It should be a staple, but it gets ignored. Interesting to think about.” 

The tweet garnered the attention of David Vonderhaar, one of Treyarch’s directors and veteran Call of Duty developer. He responded defensively, saying that Scump should be saying: “I’m really looking thankful for all the hard-working men and women trying to give us a ranked playlist.”

Scump was apologetic, explaining that he wasn’t explicitly criticizing Treyarch.  “Vahn, you know I love you first of all, and of course I’m grateful you guys pulled through at all during these times,” he replied. “It was more of a general thought to any game made. You always deliver and I speak highly of your studio all of the time.”

However, it quickly became clear that Scump was concerned about facing backlash from the Call of Duty League for his comments about the lack of Ranked Play. 

CDL players can be fined for what they say publicly, particularly negative comments about the game or integrity of the competition, with the League arguing it is antithetical to the growth of the game and the esport. 

Scump, though, denounced this as ‘censorship’. “Literally tweeted [that] I love the game an hour before. Fine incoming for the “controversial” one though,” he said. “It’s just so lame. I’ve dedicated my life to this game and now if I say anything slightly negative I get a slap on the wrist.” 

He even revealed that he has been fined in the past for a stream that was sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends. 

According to Scump, he was punished for promoting another game that wasn’t Call of Duty, despite the stream taking place during the competitive CoD off season. 

Many Call of Duty professionals feel that the CDL’s criteria for a fine needs to be slackened. 

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