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CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies update – Release date, Favela map, Jackal jet, more

Published: 23/Jun/2022 5:15 Updated: 23/Jun/2022 4:55

by Brad Norton


CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies is next up for the popular handheld title and we’ve got an early rundown of what’s on the horizon. From a release date to incoming maps, here’s all you need to know.

Hot off the heels of CoD Mobile’s Tropical Vision patch in Season 5, devs are already gearing up for the game’s next major patch.

With Modern Warfare 2 now revealed, there’s a good chance we see handheld crossovers ramping up over the next few months, with Season 6 seemingly marking the starting point.

From an early breakdown of new maps on the way to a release date and more, here’s everything there is to know about CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies.



modern warfare 2 green and white soldier key art
Given the Modern Warfare 2 hype train is now in motion, there’s every chance we see CoD Mobile crossovers ramping up.

CoD Mobile Season 6 To The Skies: Release date

CoD Mobile Season 6 is taking to the skies at 5PM PT on Wednesday, June 29. As usual, the latest update will be available to download across all regions simultaneously, allowing players to access all the new content right away.

This patch comes exactly four weeks after the launch of CoD Mobile’s previous seasonal update.

CoD Mobile Season 6 marks return of Favela map

Before things were made official, early intel for CoD Mobile Season 6 pointed towards the return of a classic map. Following on from dev comments teasing “one older map from a CoD title over 10 years old”, insiders implied Favela may be the map in focus.

Now, thanks to some direct posts from the dev team, we know for certain Favela is on the way.


Having first launched in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 before an appearance in Ghosts, Favela is now be set to make its handheld debut as part of the Season 6 update.

Given the recent Modern Warfare 2 (2022) reveal, and the seemingly imminent return of many classic maps including Favela, a CoD Mobile port is certainly timely.

Jackal fighter jet making BR debut in Season 6 update

After months of speculation, the Jackal jet from Infinite Warfare is finally set to make its debut in CoD Mobile Season 6.

CoD Mobile Jackal Jet artwork
Jackals come equipped with missles, decoys, and a powerful Gatling Gun.

As a new addition to the game’s Battle Royale mode, “the possibilities are sky-high,” devs teased. With the powerful jet, players will be able to reach new heights and travel across the map faster than ever.


Test server weapons finally arrive in Season 6: KSP 45 & L-CAR9

With every second season in CoD Mobile, devs tend to launch a new build on a test server. While not all content in this unique instance makes it to the full game, it’s often our best indicator of what’s in the pipeline.

Through CoD Mobile Season 5’s unique test build, we learned of three new weapons in development.

Up first was the Oden Assault Rifle which launched as part of the previous update. The two remaining pieces of equipment were kept away from the spotlight, until now.

CoD Mobile KSP 45 and L-CAR9 artwork
Two new weapons are set to shake up the CoD Mobile meta in Season 6.

After weeks of rumors, we know for certain that both the KSP 45 SMG and the LCAR9 Pistol are on the way in Season 6. No different from usual, the KSP will be made available through the Battle Pass, while the LCAR9 appears to be unlockable through an in-game challenge.


CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies Battle Pass

With Season 6 comes an all-new, 50-Tier Battle Pass chock-full of both free and premium content. The usual sorts are all included, from Operators to Blueprints, and camos. But this time around, two exclusive weapons are also available through the Battle Pass.

Below is a quick rundown on a few highlights in the Season 6 Battle Pass:

  • Tier 21 (Free) – KSP 45 (New Functional Weapon)
  • Tier 50 (Free) – Sky Sentry Calling Card
  • TBA (Premium) – Weapon Blueprints: Man-O-War, Chicom, JAK-12, Locus, KSP 45
  • TBA (Premium) – Operator Skins: Wraith (Disruptor), Reyes (SCAR Pilot), Sophie (Shadow), Ethan (Flying Sharks)

While that’s all we know for CoD Mobile Season 6 at this stage, we’re sure to learn plenty more over the coming days.  So be sure to check back often as we’ll keep you updated with all the latest intel right here.