CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies patch notes – Release date, Favela map, Jackal jet, more

CoD Mobile Season 6 To The Skies cover artActivision

CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies is the latest major update for the handheld title and we’ve got a full rundown on everything there is to know. From its release date to returning maps and new weapons, here’s all you need to know.

Hot off the heels of CoD Mobile’s Tropical Vision patch in Season 5, devs quickly shifted attention to the game’s next major patch.

With Modern Warfare 2 now revealed, there’s a good chance we see handheld crossovers ramping up over the next few months, with Season 6 seemingly marking the starting point.

From an early breakdown of new maps in the mix to a range of highly anticipated weapons and more, here’s everything there is to know about CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies.


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Given the Modern Warfare 2 hype train is now in motion, there’s every chance we see CoD Mobile crossovers ramping up.

CoD Mobile Season 6 To The Skies: Release date

CoD Mobile Season 6 took to the skies at 5PM PT on Wednesday, June 29. As usual, the latest update was made available to download across all regions simultaneously, allowing players to access all the new content right away.

This patch came exactly four weeks after the launch of CoD Mobile’s previous seasonal update.

CoD Mobile Season 6 marks return of Favela map

Before things were made official, early intel for CoD Mobile Season 6 pointed towards the return of a classic map. Following on from dev comments teasing “one older map from a CoD title over 10 years old”, insiders implied Favela may be the map in focus.

Thanks to some direct posts from the dev team that soon followed, we learned for certain Favela was a lock for Season 6.

Having first launched in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 before an appearance in Ghosts, Favela is now making its handheld debut as part of the Season 6 update.

Given the recent Modern Warfare 2 (2022) reveal, and the seemingly imminent return of many classic maps including Favela, a CoD Mobile port is certainly timely.

Jackal fighter jet making BR debut in Season 6 update

After months of speculation, the Jackal jet from Infinite Warfare is finally making its debut in CoD Mobile Season 6.

CoD Mobile Jackal Jet artworkActivision
Jackals come equipped with missles, decoys, and a powerful Gatling Gun.

As a new addition to the game’s Battle Royale mode, “the possibilities are sky-high,” devs teased. With the powerful jet, players are able to reach new heights and travel across the map faster than ever.

Test server weapons finally arrive in Season 6: KSP 45 & L-CAR9

With every second season in CoD Mobile, devs tend to launch a new build on a test server. While not all content in this unique instance makes it to the full game, it’s often our best indicator of what’s in the pipeline.

Through CoD Mobile Season 5’s unique test build, we learned of three new weapons in development.

Up first was the Oden Assault Rifle which launched as part of the previous update. The two remaining pieces of equipment were kept away from the spotlight, until now.

CoD Mobile KSP 45 and L-CAR9 artworkActivision
Two new weapons are set to shake up the CoD Mobile meta in Season 6.

After weeks of rumors, both the KSP 45 SMG and the LCAR9 Pistol finally arrived as part of Season 6. No different from usual, the KSP was made available through the Battle Pass, while the LCAR9 is unlockable through an in-game challenge. Those challenges are as follows:

  • Play 5 Multiplayer matches
  • Fire 300 bullets in Multiplayer matches
  • Use Operator Skills 10 times in Multiplayer matches
  • Use ‘Purifier’ Operator Skill 5 times in Multiplayer matches
  • Kill 5 enemies with Pistols in Multiplayer matches

CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies Battle Pass

With Season 6 comes an all-new, 50-Tier Battle Pass chock-full of both free and premium content. The usual sorts are all included, from Operators to Blueprints, and camos. But this time around, two exclusive weapons are also available through the Battle Pass.

Below is a quick rundown on a few highlights in the Season 6 Battle Pass:

  • Tier 21 (Free) – KSP 45 (New Functional Weapon)
  • Tier 50 (Free) – Sky Sentry Calling Card
  • TBA (Premium) – Weapon Blueprints: Man-O-War, Chicom, JAK-12, Locus, KSP 45
  • TBA (Premium) – Operator Skins: Wraith (Disruptor), Reyes (SCAR Pilot), Sophie (Shadow), Ethan (Flying Sharks)

CoD Mobile Season 6 patch notes

The full CoD Mobile Season 6 patch notes, courtesy of the devs, can be found below.


New Map


Mode Optimization

HP Mode Spawn Location Optimization

In the last release, we optimized the spawn location on some of the maps in HP Mode. However, a few logic and layout issues led to several unintended and unreasonable respawn situations (e.g., Slums and Miami Strike). After locating and fixing the problems on the corresponding maps, we have evaluated and diagnosed the remaining maps in HP Mode. We will continue to optimize the respawn experience in subsequent releases and hope our fighters to have a better combat experience in HP Mode.

Maps that received optimizations are as follows:

Slums, Miami Strike, Summit, Nuketown, Raid, Hackney Yard, Takeoff, and Standoff.

Ranked Match Update

We have increased the Rank XP for the MVP of the losing team in the MP Ranked Match, especially for players below the Legendary rank tier.

Battle Royale Update

New Vehicle – Jackal

  1. Refresh: A new limited-time fighter, the Jackal, is added to the Battle Royale! Players can track the fighter icon marked on the map to locate Jackals in the new airport runway areas. Each runway will spawn a fighter simultaneously, and each fighter will refresh on the runway when it is destroyed.
  2. Pilot: The left joystick can control the flight direction, while the right acceleration and deceleration buttons can control the flight speed. Please note that the Jackal will lose control when the flight speed is too slow. Please accelerate to regain control of the fighter.
  3. Weapons: Jackals can be equipped with cannons and missiles to target vehicles, which makes it an effective weapon on both the ground and air target attacks. Jackals can also be equipped with decoy bombs to remove the target lock of FHJ-18, hostile fighters, and anti-aircraft missiles. Last but not least, the Jackal is capable of detecting the location of enemies within a certain range, displaying the enemies as red dots on the map.

New Feature

Anti-Air Guns

· In Battle Royale, the Anti-Air Guns are deployed around the town! These Anti-Air Guns can be used to target and attack land vehicles and air units.

· Since each Anti-Air contains only four missiles, turrets with unused missiles will display a tracker indicator.

· Anti-Air will self-destruct in a short period of time after all its missiles are used.

Other Optimization

· Optimized the prompt UI of being down and collecting dog tags.

· Optimized the SFX of being down and collecting dog tags.

New Weapon

New Primary Weapon

KSP 45:Three-round burst submachine gun with low rate of fire, but high burst damage at medium/close range.

New Secondary Weapon

L-CAR 9:Lightweight, full-auto pistol with high mag capacity. High burst damage comparable to a primary weapon at close range, but lower mobility compared with other pistols.

Balance Adjustment

Multiplayer & Battle Royale

1. Increased mobility for rifles with low rate of fire

Rifles with medium or low firing rate usually deal higher damage, however, the performance of these rifles are often limited by low margin of error. Therefore, their mobility will be increased.


  • Reload Speed: Increased
  • Movement Speed: Increased
  • ADS Movement Speed: Increased
  • Sprint-to-Fire Delay: Reduced
  • ADS Speed: Increased
  • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced


  • Movement Speed: Increased
  • ADS Movement Speed: Increased
  • ADS Speed: Increased
  • Colossus Suppressor: Reduced the negative effect of ADS Speed.


  • Mag Capacity: Increased
  • Reload Speed: Increased
  • Movement Speed: Increased
  • ADS Movement Speed: Increased
  • ADS Speed: Increased
  • Colossus Suppressor: Reduced the negative effect of ADS Speed.
2. Buffed rifles with medium rate of fire

We improved the performance of the rifles with a medium rate of fire to make them more competitive.


  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Sprint-to-Fire Delay: Slightly reduced
  • Reload Speed: Increased


  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Damage in MP: Adjusted
  • Range in MP: Adjusted
  • Range in BR: Adjusted


  • Sprint-to-Fire Delay: Slightly reduced
  • Reload Speed: Increased
3. Buffed some SMG

In the past few releases, players do not have many choices in SMG. We want to create more options for players to experience by aligning SMG with their respective positions and strengths in the release.


  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Get-Hit Flinch: Reduced
  • Hip Fire Accuracy: Increased
  • Optimized the Reload Time: We optimized the time at which reloading takes effect.


  • Lateral Recoil: Slightly reduced

HG 40

  • Damage: Increased
  • Range: Increased
  • Damage Multiplier: Increased


  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • ADS Speed: Increased

AGR 556

  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Movement Speed: Increased
  • ADS Speed: Increased
  • 5.56mm 30 Round Mag/5.56mm 60 Round Mag: Adjusted the damage multiplier and reduced bullet spread.


  • Damage Multiplier: Increased
  • Movement Bullet Spread: Reduced
  • Recoil: Reduced
4. Buffed Shotguns

Shotguns have always been deadly in the hands of the experienced players, however, the player’s options are limited.

We have improved the overall performance of the single shot shotgun and buffed all the burst shotguns. We hope to provide more options to different levels of players.


  • Number of Pellets: Increased
  • Damage per Pellet: Reduced


  • Number of Pellets: Increased
  • Damage per Pellet: Reduced


  • Number of Pellets: Increased
  • Damage per Pellet: Reduced


  • Number of Pellets: Increased
  • Damage per Pellet: Adjusted
  • Range: Adjusted
  • Fire Rate: Increased
5. Buffed all the burst shotguns


  • Damage per Pellet: Increased


  • Range: Increased


  • Damage per Pellet: Increased
  • Range: Increased


  • Damage per Pellet: Increased
6. Nerfed SVD

We noticed that this weapon is too prominent in certain environments. In order to provide greater countermeasures for the opponents, we would like to limit its control range.

  • Range: Reduced
7. Optimized the firing animation of some guns
  • Reduced the extent of the firing animation of Optic/ Red Dot Sight/ Holographic Sight/ACOG/ 3XTactical Scope/ADS for:

QQ9/PP19 Bizon/RPD/Chicom/SKS/ASM10/Man-O-War


1. Adjusted some Operator Skills

We have taken an overall look at the performance of the Operator Skills in the game and have made balance adjustments to some Operator Skills.

The following Operator Skills are nerfed:


  • HP: Reduced

Dynamic Armor

  • Dynamic Armor’s extra HP: Reduced
  • Energy required to activate the Dynamic Armor: Increased


  • Purifier Duration: Reduced

The following Operator Skills are buffed:

Reactor Core

  • Burning Range: Increased


  • Team HP Buff: Increased

Gravity Vortex Gun

  • Bullet Speed: Increased
  • Mag Capacity: Increased
  • Max Flight Distance: Increased


  • Reduced the time needed to build up power.
2. Adjusted weapon closing and swapping speed.
  1. Except for AMR and Shorty, we improved the closing and swapping speed of all guns.

Increased the swapping speed of AMR and Shorty. To prevent lags caused by fast switches with throwables, the closing time is adjusted from 0S to 0.1S.

Battle Royale

Increased hip-fire bullet spread of AR/SMG/LMG.

Class – Pumped

Boost Acceleration: Reduced

Cooldown Time: Increased


Damage: Reduced

Recoil Recovery Time: Increased