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Everything in CoD Mobile Season 5 2022 update: New Modern Warfare weapons, Perk changes, more

Published: 12/May/2022 5:30 Updated: 12/May/2022 3:01

by Brad Norton


CoD Mobile Season 5 is next up for the popular handheld title and while it’s still early days yet, we’ve got an early look at everything to expect from the next major update.

As we’re now in the fifth month of the year, it can only mean one thing. CoD Mobile’s fifth seasonal update is almost upon us.

Keeping the momentum rolling with all new content in the form of maps, weapons, modes, and plenty of cosmetics, Season 5 is sure to be another exciting phase for CoD Mobile.

So before it all gets underway, be sure to brush up on everything we know thus far about CoD Mobile Season 5.



CoD Mobile Season 4 artwork
CoD Mobile Season 4 is beginning to wind down as the next major update comes into focus.

CoD Mobile Season 5 2022: Release Date

While an exact release date for CoD Mobile Season 5 hasn’t yet been confirmed, we can make an educated guess based on previous trends, along with the current Battle Pass end date.

The CoD Mobile Season 4 Battle Pass is set to expire on Thursday, June 2. As always, new seasons kick off immediately after, making this a safe bet for the Season 5 launch date.

It’s worth keeping in mind, however, that unexpected delays could always halt these plans. So we’ll be sure to keep you posted here as an official release date for CoD Mobile Season 5 is locked in.


CoD Mobile Season 5 2022: New Weapons

Although new additions to the CoD Mobile arsenal haven’t yet been announced, the latest test server may have given us an early look at what to expect.

Having launched on May 10, the new test build arrived with three brand new guns not yet available in CoD Mobile. The Oden Assault Rifle, KSP45 SMG, and LCAR9 Pistol all feature in the limited testing period.

As always, there’s no guarantee each and every weapon makes its way to the live CoD Mobile build. Even more so, it’s never a certainty that content on the test server arrives in the very next seasonal patch.


But with that said, it’s safe to expect at least one of these guns will be included in CoD Mobile Season 5. If we had to hedge our bets, the Oden Assault Rifle appears to be the most likely candidate.

With more Modern Warfare 2019 guns featuring in CoD Mobile than almost any other title, the Oden would certainly help round out the list.

CoD Mobile Season 5 2022: Jackal Fighter Jet

Reportedly set to arrive in Season 5 is the Jackal Fighter Jet, according to a number of prominent CoD Mobile leakers. Exactly how this vehicle may function, however, remains unclear.

Jackal Jet in Infinite Warfare
The Jackal Jet was a key part of 2016’s Infinite Warfare.

We could see the futuristic jet from Infinite Warfare serve as a killstreak in CoD Mobile Season 5. Or it may even be part of a yet undisclosed game mode on the way in a nearby update.


Be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the coming days for various teasers on social media as we learn more about this new feature.

CoD Mobile Season 5 2022: Perk Changes

One key Perk change appears to be all but finalized in the latest CoD Mobile test build as Persistence has been adjusted.

Rather than scorestreak costs being doubled, streaks now appear to be divided into three tiers. Players using the Perk can choose three streaks across low, middle, and high ranks with set costs for each. 

Again, there’s no guarantee this change makes it to the live server. But given this particular change is feature complete, it’d be a surprise not to see it as part of the CoD Mobile Season 5 patch notes.


CoD Mobile Season 5 2022: New Tactical Grenade

Also featured in the latest CoD Mobile test build is a new piece of Tactical Equipment, the Echo Grenade. This new tool can be thrown out to “detect enemy locations,” as the official description reads.

In essence, opposing players tagged by the grenade will be highlighted for a short period. Regardless of where they are, or how many walls may stand in between, you’ll still be able to spot them for a brief moment thanks to this grenade.

Given we’re still a few weeks out from the update, be sure to check back often as we’ll keep you posted on all the latest CoD Mobile Season 5 news right here.