CoD Mobile players outraged by “bogus” Halloween cosmetic prices

Billy the Puppet from the SAW franchise driving a truck in CoD Mobile.Activision

The new SAW-inspired CoD Mobile cosmetics have players questioning whether or not the drops are worth the high asking price. 

Call of Duty Mobile players are livid at the insane cost of buying Season 9 Nightmare items, such as the Saw bundle, in comparison to Warzone.

They have not linked the same way as Warzone and Cold War have, for example, with CoD Mobile players getting a separate experience from their non-Mobile brethren.

For the most part, the options available on CoD Mobile are impressive, with an array of the best Call of Duty maps, weapons, and more all available in the game.

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One area where this becomes an issue, though, is the cosmetic options in the store, which have a considerable mark-up in the mobile title.

How expensive are CoD Mobile’s Saw-inspired cosmetics?

Cosmetics costing more in CoD Mobile than they do in Warzone is no new phenomenon, but it’s definitely amplified when popular skins such as the Saw ones are available on the market and players want to buy them en masse.

As pointed out by RD-JOEL on Reddit, the price disparity is alarming.

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To buy the Saw bundle on Warzone, you’re looking at a total cost of 2400 CoD Points, which costs $20 to purchase in the CoD store.

On the other hand, CoD Mobile players are looking at a potential total of over $100 to buy the cosmetics separately, depending on the results of their Lucky Draw.

Call of Duty Mobile players slam overpriced cosmetics

Billy the Puppet from Saw shooting a gun in CoD MobileActivision
Billy The Puppet is just one part of the new set of cosmetics in the Season 9 Nightmare release.

The community reaction has been overwhelmingly negative, with many players agreeing that Activision has pushed the envelope too far.

One user commented on how the discrepancy between the console price of these bundles and the mobile version only gets worse for international players: “500 dollars is literally double the price of mw19 here in Brazil, and 1 dollar is around 5 reais(our money), so their price is stupidly high.”

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Another user highlighted how item bundles could have prevented this: “What a joke, I’d easily buy bundles but I’m not going to spend 100 plus for a skin.”

Instead of being offered in a bundle, all of the new items are placed in the game’s Lucky Draw lottery system.

Omnipotent Draw screen featuring Ghost next to a handful of Lucky Draw items for the CoD storeActivision
The Lucky Draw is a lottery mechanic that let’s player wager COD points in exchange for a randomized skin out of the current lot.

The Lucky Draw is a mechanic that allows players to spend their CoD Points for a chance to win the game’s rarest items in a bingo-ball style lottery. Each spin gets more expensive, meaning that the more times you receive an item you don’t want, the more cash you’ll need to spend for another chance at the one you do.

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While this opens up a chance for a player to draw the rarest item in the set on their first spin, the drop rates seem to be so low that this is rarely ever the case.

Instead, many players will be stuck with going the brute force method of playing the Lucky Draw over and over again, removing the less exciting items from the selection pool until they arrive at their intended target.

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