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CoD Mobile players “disgusted” by price of first-ever Mythic weapon

Published: 6/Nov/2020 5:58

by Brad Norton


Call of Duty Mobile’s very first Mythic weapon has just landed in-game and players have already begun voicing frustrations over the steep costs to claim the gun and then upgrade it.

Upon the Mythic reveal on November 2, CoD Mobile players were elated to see the new rarity. It came as a step up from anything before it, allowing for deeper customization and all new features. From death effects to reactive camos, new functions came alongside the new tier.

The very first Mythic drop arrived on November 5, bringing the Ascended Fennec variant to the game. This powerful SMG is presumably the first of many Mythic weapons to come, though the first of its kind hasn’t been received all too well.


On the same day the new weapon launched, players immediately lashed out over the “disgusting” price. In order to grab the weapon for yourself, you need to get extremely lucky. This luck can come with a hefty price.

CoD Mobile store
The first-ever Mythic weapon comes with a hefty price unless you get lucky.

With the new Mythic weapon comes a new system to unlock it. Mythic Drops are broken into two parts. First, you have a 0.08% chance of pulling the Fennec Ascended from the drop. This begins with a base price of 30 CoD Points but increases with each and every attempt.

Once you’ve actually got the weapon, there is another step to the process in order to actually upgrade it. Each unique upgrade is attained through new ‘Mythic Cards’ which also cost a set amount of CoD points. It didn’t take long before players vented their frustrations with this system.


“That’s really disgusting,” Reddit user ‘ru5tysn4k3’ said. “The Mythic weapon that you bought is like a regular Legendary unless you dish out another $100.”

“Feels like a cheap move to hide the fact you need to spend more to upgrade the gun until you actually get the gun,” ‘00Banshee00’ chimed in.

The new mythic is a joke. from CallOfDutyMobile

If you’re looking to reach the weapon’s full potential, it could require a few hundred dollars before you see any real progress.

To make matters worse, “there’s no grindable way to unlock the new levels,” ‘Pfrance’ explained. Even if you claim the weapon for yourself, the only way to truly see it shine is to pay for more unlocks.


CoD Mobile store
Once the Ascended Fennec is yours, it will function as normal until you pay for new upgrades.

Given the weapon has only been live for a few hours at the time of writing, the developers are yet to respond. Perhaps there’s a chance the system is changed somewhat in light of the backlash.

If you’re not phased by the potential costs, however, the Mythic weapon can be yours today with all the bells and whistles, if you’re willing to pay.