CoD Mobile devs respond to game-breaking invisible skin glitch

. 1 year ago
CoD Mobile Phantom skin

Call of Duty Mobile has been hit with one of the most devastating bugs yet as select skins now have the power of invisibility. Fortunately, developers are already well aware of the game-breaking issue.

Flexing your most unique cosmetics is always a priority for CoD Mobile players. Whether you’ve been grinding since day one or only just hopped in, you always want to join a match with your favorite skin equipped.

With dozens of unique looks added to the handheld shooter every other week, there are bound to be a few issues that slip through the cracks. Today, one of the most significant issues has taken CoD Mobile by storm.

Select skins are making characters outright invisible across a number of game modes. The only thing that can be seen is the currently equipped weapon.

Running amok in the popular title, players have been exploiting this bug for an extreme advantage. Not only has it impacted standard multiplayer but also the battle royale component too.

For the time being, the bug appears to be restricted to the Phantom skin line. Anyone with the cosmetic unlocked is able to drop in and abuse the issue. These invisible skins can still be fired at, however. But unless you’re up close, it’s not going to be an easy kill. 

Some players have opted to change their skins for the benefit of the community, though there are still plenty of invisible characters tearing through lobbies. Thankfully, the issue shouldn’t be around much longer.

“Sent this on over to the team who are now actively investigating this one,” the official CoD Mobile Reddit account replied. “Thank you for the video and information all!”

Obviously, there’s no telling just yet when this fix might be deployed. But with frequent updates hitting the live version of the game, it shouldn’t be too far off. 

In the meantime, you’ll have to be extremely careful when dropping into CoD Mobile. From Hardpoint to Battle Royale, there could be an invisible character hunting you down.

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