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Call of Duty Mobile $2m World Championship 2021 announced: schedule & format

Published: 15/Apr/2021 3:21 Updated: 15/Apr/2021 3:52

by Brad Norton


The 2021 Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship has been announced, boasting a $2 million prize pool for teams around the globe. From the format to the schedule, here’s everything there is to know about the next worldwide tournament.

  • CoD Mobile 2021 World Championship announced with $2m prize pool
  • Players compete through four stages before reaching the global finals
  • Action kicks off on June 3.

After the cancellation of 2020’s World Championship Finals, CoD Mobile’s global competition is back in full force. The 2021 iteration of CoD Mobile’s biggest event was unveiled on April 14 with a whopping $2 million prize pool up for grabs.

Players around the world will be eligible to compete in online ranked games before regional events get underway. It all kicks off on June 3 with the first in-game matches for the lengthy qualifying process. 


It’s all set to culminate in the biggest spectacle CoD Mobile has seen thus far as teams battle for the right to be called the best in the world. 

CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 schedule

For the second World Championship event in CoD Mobile history, players will have to fight through four stages before they reach the final hurdle. The very first step comes down to individual play.

CoD Mobile’s in-game Ranked Mode is where everything starts on June 3. Players will have to queue in Solo Play to attain points across 10 matches. 

The very best online players will then repeat a similar process in Team Play shortly after. From there, Regional matchups finally get underway though no dates have yet been outlined for this stage of the event.


Similarly, no exact timeline has been mapped out for the World Championship Finals either. However, 2020’s Regional Finals came to an end throughout October so we can presume this year to follow suit. We’ll update you here as specific dates are locked in for the biggest stages.

CoD Mobile World Championship 2021 format

CoD Mobile’s biggest event of 2021 comes with a rather unique format. From the hugely important Regional Playoffs to more minor individual play, there’s plenty to get through before teams reach the global finale.

Below is a complete breakdown on every stage.

Stage 1 – Solo Play

CoD Mobile ranked
The first two Stages of the CoD Mobile World Championship will have teams competing in online Ranked Play.

Throughout the first portion of the event, players need to load into Ranked Solo Play. There will be four weekends of in-game action where players need to earn 60 points across 10 matches. Doing so will advance you into the next Stage.


Stage 2 – Team Play

After individual play is wrapped up, eligible players will need to form teams for more online Ranked gameplay. Teams will need to play 30 Ranked Matches to earn their spot in the next Stage. Only the top 256 teams will make it through.

Stage 3 – Regional Qualifiers

The top 256 teams in Ranked play will then have to fight throughout a proper bracket in the Regional Qualifiers. There’s currently no telling how many teams will advance through the elimination bracket though 2020’s event saw just eight teams making it through.

Stage 4 – Regional Playoffs

The very best teams in each region will finally go head to head in Stage 4. Whoever comes out on top as the number one team will secure a spot in the World Championship Finals.


Stage 5 – World Championship Finals

The World Championship Finals marks the last Stage of the event where the world’s best teams finally throw down. Exact dates and prizing are yet to be nailed down though we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

CoD Mobile gameplay
The 2021 World Championship event could mark the first global LAN competition in CoD Mobile history.

Whether you’re looking to represent your region on the biggest stage or simply have fun with a team of friends, there’s something for everyone in this global tournament. Even just competing in the online Stages could earn you unique in-game rewards.

Stay tuned for updates as CoD Mobile’s biggest event of the year gets underway in the months to come.