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COD Mobile adding Nuketown Russia map in new Winter update

Published: 15/Dec/2020 5:57 Updated: 15/Dec/2020 6:01

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


CoD Mobile will introduce a new and improved version of Nuketown called Nuketown Russia to celebrate the launch of Season 13, and it has a completely different aesthetic.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 is expected to launch sometime soon, and it will introduce a wealth of new content. However, players have been swooned by a new version of Nuketown that has been teased and confirmed. It’s called Nuketown Russia.

It will look and feel a lot like the traditional map we all know and love, but with one key difference. It has a distinct Russian theme, complete with decals and props from the Soviet Union era.


COD Mobile Nuketown Russia
In Nuketown Russia, the iconic houses will be re-made with a Russian twist.

The standard houses have been revamped with Russian architecture from top to bottom. Their layouts remain the same, but the rooms have been replaced with labs, classrooms, and intel offices. There are also a few easter eggs scattered around the map.

The bus and trucks in the center of the map have also been replaced with two Russian-themed train carts. Players will be able to hop inside the orange one and use it as cover to pick off enemies.

Keep in mind, though, that the changes are all aesthetic. The map still has the same spawn locations and the gunfights, rushes, flanks, and camping spots will all play out in the same way.


COD Mobile Nuketown Russia
The bus and truck in the middle of the map will be replaced with two train carts in Nuketown Russia.

Fortunately, that means all those years of experience and muscle-memory will still pay off.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you want to rush the middle zone, camp in the houses’ upper rooms, or sit beside the car and scope out the map. You can still do it all.

However, Nuketown Russia will at least provide some different scenery. You can admire the Soviet Union architecture and soak in the atmosphere while raking in the kills or hiding from scorestreaks.