COD insider confirms fan-favorite map won’t return for Warzone 2

Ryan Lemay
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CharlieIntel reported that the beloved Resurgence map Rebirth Island is making a return, but not in the fashion that some Warzone 2 fans would have hoped.

When Warzone 2 launched in November, Infinity Ward controversially removed Rebirth Island. This wasn’t the first time a beloved map saw its time cut short. Caldera replaced Verdansk during COD: Vanguard and fans have been begging for its return since.

Activision heard the complaints and confirmed Verdansk as the marquee map for the upcoming battle royal game Warzone Mobile. It wasn’t exactly what players had hoped for, but it ramped up excitement nonetheless.

Then, on May 19, a datamine uncovered references to Rebirth Island in the files of Modern Warfare 2. Community members hoped it would be different from Verdansk but, unfortunately, it appears the map’s receiving the same treatment.

Rebirth Island is not coming to Warzone 2

On May 24, during the Update Requires Restart Podcast, CharlieIntel confirmed: “Rebirth Island is coming to Warzone Mobile, not Warzone 2.”

Community members didn’t take the news well.

Even though COD Mobile boasts a very impressive player base, players couldn’t wrap their heads around why the developers would release two iconic maps on mobile over console and PC.

“I know mobile got a big audience, but that’s trash, in my opinion,” argued a Warzone fan.

A second user added: “If they can bring back Verdansk and rebirth for mobile, there [are] zero excuses not to bring it console and pc again.”

As for when players can finally get their hands on Warzone Mobile, there may still be a long wait ahead.

On May 9, CharlieIntel reported: “Warzone Mobile’s release date on the App Store has changed from Expected May 15, 2023, to now Expected Nov 1, 2023.”

We will provide an update when we learn more about the fate of Rebirth Island and its future in Warzone.

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