Warzone 2 & Mobile leak reveals night maps, including Rebirth Island

Ryan Lemay
Rebirth Island map

A Warzone 2 and Warzone Mobile leak revealed night versions of maps and also confirmed a fan-favorite environment for the upcoming mobile title.

Modern Warfare 2019 first introduced the concept of nighttime multiplayer maps, with a dedicated playlist featuring night versions of each environment. Players permanently wore night vision goggles and all weapons could only hip fire with a laser sight.

Modern Warfare 2 brought an NVG (night vision goggles) mode in Season 3. The new map, Black Gold, forced players to equip night vision goggles and fight in the pitch black. The devs also added night vision goggles to Al Mazrah in DMZ as part of the update.

Now it makes more sense, as a leak revealed WZ2 fans could receive the first-ever nighttime battle royale experience.

Warzone 2 leak reveals nighttime versions of Al Mazrah and Rebirth Island

On May 19, ModernWarzone reported: “Dataminers have found references to Rebirth Island and a nighttime version of Al Mazrah in the files for Modern Warfare II.”

The CoD insider elaborated: “Rebirth Island COULD be for Warzone Mobile, but nighttime Al Mazrah is almost certainly for Warzone 2.”

We still don’t know much about Warzone Mobile. However, Activision confirmed the title features 120 player lobbies on the fan-favorite map, Verdansk. A leak additionally revealed that Rebirth Island would also be coming to the experience.

Rebirth Island was beloved by community members during the original Warzone. Activision decided to remove the map when WZ2 launched, aggravating fans.

As for when players can expect to get their hands on Warzone Mobile, CharlieIntel reported Warzone Mobile’s release date on the App Store changed from May 15, 2023 to November 1, 2023.”

It’s important not to take leaks at face value until the devs provide an official statement. But community members would certainly celebrate the return of Rebirth Island in any fashion after the environment was taken away from them.