CoD fans left stunned after mobile clone blatantly rips off Modern Warfare

. 8 months ago
Combat Master Modern Warfare artwork
Activision / Alfa Bravo Inc.

A new Call of Duty clone has appeared on handheld devices as Combat Master has been called out for being a blatant mobile “rip-off” of 2019’s Modern Warfare.

There’s no denying the success of Activision’s Modern Warfare release in 2019. Alongside Warzone, it helped drive billions of revenue throughout the year and reportedly has a sequel in the works already.

Not only that but Infinity Ward’s hit release also appears to have heavily inspired this year’s Battlefield. Taking that inspiration one step further, however, is a new mobile game by the name of ‘Combat Master Online FPS’. This handheld release doesn’t just take from Modern Warfare, either: it essentially is Modern Warfare.

From gameplay systems to menu design and everything in between, the new release has left CoD fans in shock due to just how similar it actually is.

Combat Master is described as “the ultimate FPS experience on your mobile,” according to the developers at Alfa Bravo Inc. Outside of the existing CoD Mobile app, Combat Master offers the closest thing to a handheld CoD experience. Though perhaps, a little too close.

“There’s a new game just released which is a straight-up Modern Warfare rip-off,” content creator ‘ImOW’ said on October 24.

Operator skins and their rarities, UI elements, animations, and the FPS gameplay itself are all exact copies from 2019’s Modern Warfare.

Down to the lobby screens and a clone of the Gunsmith, just about every aspect of Combat Master seems to have taken after the CoD title.

Modern Warfare compared to Combat master
Activision / Alfa Bravo Inc.
Can you spot the difference between these Modern Warfare and Combat Master screenshots?

“Made by true enthusiasts with special love for firearms and gaming community,” the developers added in the game’s description.

Combat Master is currently available on the Google Play store in select regions. Despite claiming the game is free of “lootboxes and money-pulling mechanics,” microtransactions are present and range from $19.99 – $39.99 per item.

Combat Master store bundle
Alfa Bravo Inc.
Even store bundles are identical to those in Modern Warfare.

There’s no telling if Activision will soon strike down on these blatant similarities between Combat Master and Modern Warfare. Though the mobile gaming space isn’t exactly new to clones of other popular titles.

From Garena Impact taking over PUBG to The Legend of Neverland cloning Genshin Impact, the market is rife with many similar experiences.

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