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CoD community calls for permanent bans against Modern Warfare hackers

Published: 6/Jan/2020 23:22

by Alan Bernal


Call of Duty players are having a hard time dealing with the constant flow of hackers cropping up in Modern Warfare, and some people are at their wits end trying to enjoy the game.

Just a few months after launch, Modern Warfare’s Ground War, among other playlists, has been littered with players cheating in-game. Some of the more notable instances are people who hide just out of the playing area’s bounds for easy kills, or under-the-map hackers.

For many players, they feel like they’re signing up into a losing cause since these cheaters can sometimes be found in a string of games.

Infinity WardAlong with a resolution to hackers, Modern Warfare players want Infinity Ward to do something about the players who employed cheats.

The tension has reached a boiling point with many, seeing as a post with a 95% upvote rating, at the time of writing, in the Modern Warfare subreddit calls for the permanent ban on hackers the moment these cheats are patched.

“It’s seriously difficult to understate how much these abusers have disrupted normal Ground War lobbies,” user ‘RonPaulWasWrong’ said. “Every single lobby has one of these d**kheads.”

They go on to describe their experiences coming across Ground War hackers, with the cheaters who are successfully “dropping nukes without ever being shot, or summoning in never-ending VTOL/Chopper Gunners/AC130s that completely sway the balance of power completely in their team’s favor.”

Infinity WardGround War especially has been marred by the rise of hackers in Modern Warfare.

It’s been a struggle for many honest players who’ve had potential Nuke streaks ruined, or favorable games marred by multiple cheaters in a single lobby.

“No mercy, no forgiveness,” the user said. “Ban these f**king assholes without remorse and get them the f**k out of this community. No-one is doing this accidentally.”

The post generated a lot of traction with other community members who have similarly been on the receiving end of hackers in Modern Warfare.

Infinity WardHackers are making it difficult to enjoy Modern Warfare, similar to what happened with Call of Duty titles of old.

“Seriously it’s disgusting people are even doing this,” Reddit user ‘DREAD1217’ said. “Ran into a guy doing it twice and he was even posting videos of him doing the exploit on his Xbox profile. These people ruin the game for everyone else who are just trying to have fun.”

Even though players were doubtful that developers Infinity Ward would actually ban accounts, cutting off possible streams of revenue, some had hilarious ways of punishing the MW cheaters by making “their operator a permanent clown.”

Regardless, it seems like the Modern Warfare community is pushing for some kind of resolution regarding hackers, less the game’s multiplayer become overrun with cheaters like past Call of Duty titles.

Call of Duty

How to create custom games in Black Ops Cold War

Published: 19/Nov/2020 12:13

by James Busby


Custom games are a great place to test out Black Ops Cold Wars various guns, attachments, scorestreaks, and loadouts. Here’s how you can set up custom games for yourself. 

While Black Ops Cold War’s standard multiplayer games allow you to flex your mechanical might over your foes, it doesn’t always provide the best environment to try out new things. This is particularly true now that skill based matchmaking is so prevalent. Fortunately, custom games allow you to jump into private matches against bots and those you invite. 

Not only do custom games enable you to practice your aim, but they also give you the opportunity to test out every gun and attachment. This is particularly useful when you’re looking to create the most deadly loadout. Whether you’re looking to warm up before diving into a grueling session of public matches or aiming to master specific mechanics, then you’ll want to set up a custom game. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Black Ops Cold War’s custom games. 

How to create custom games

Custom Game maps
Activision / Treyarch
Simply select the map you wish to play on and get fragging.

In order to create custom games in Black Ops Cold War, you’ll first need to access the game’s lobby screen. Once you’ve done this follow the instructions below:

  • Click on Custom Games (bottom left of the lobby screen).
  • Scroll down to Edit Game Rules.
  • Click on Settings.

From this menu, you will be able to edit everything from the time limit, round score, number of lives per player, and respawn delay. There are also advanced settings that can be changed that really give you a tremendous amount of control over each game. 

The current game modes available in custom games are as follows:

  • Team Deathmatch 
  • Free-For-All
  • Search & Destroy 
  • Domination 
  • Hardpoint
  • Control 
  • VIP Escort

Of course, only certain maps will be available depending on the mode you pick, so keep this in mind if you wish to play on the game’s larger scale maps. If you don’t have anyone to play with or just wish to warm up, then simply click on the Bots and Players setting to add and adjust bot difficulty. 

So there you have it, everything you need to know about setting up custom games in Black Ops Cold War.

If you’re looking to find the best guns to try out in Black Ops Cold War and wish to give them a whirl in custom games, then be sure to check out our Black Ops Cold War weapon guides.