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Modern Warfare players explain why Infinity Ward should add Akimbo perk

Published: 6/Jan/2020 17:25 Updated: 6/Jan/2020 17:32

by Andy Williams


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s secondary weapons are a far cry from what they used to be, but this throwback MW2 weapon attachment could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Modern Warfare has reintroduced some of the series’ beloved multiplayer maps as part of Season 1. Aside from introducing the Holger 26 (a reworked G36C), Infinity Ward have done little to bring back iconic weapons from their trademark saga. 

Despite having the .357 and .50 GS (akin to the Desert Eagle) pistols to choose from, Modern Warfare doesn’t offer much in the way of secondary weapons. But this perk could fix all of that while offering a blast from the past to long-standing fans of the Modern Warfare series.

iiAmTheAnimal (Reddit)/ActivisionIs there a more satisfying feeling than landing a ‘one-deag’ on someone in Modern Warfare?

If you’ve followed Infinity Ward’s flagship series for a while, you’ll remember the satisfaction of running around with Akimbo Model 1887s/UMPs in-hand… That is, before jetpacks came along and blew all of that out of the water

While yes (with the correct weapon attachments) dual-wielding weapons were devastating up close, they provided a fun meta which resonates with Call of Duty to this day.

It’s for this reason why one Reddit user has suggested that the Akimbo weapon attachment could make an emphatic comeback into the series.

Being made available exclusively to secondary weapons, an Akimbo perk would facilitate hip firing two guns simultaneously by substituting the ability to aim down sight.

How have we not discussed this to be implemented yet would make a lot of secondaries somewhat decent from modernwarfare

Based on the current Gunsmith weapon customization options in Modern Warfare, Akimbo would likely be best equipped by means of a ‘Weapon Perk.’ 

Of course, a perk of this nature would likely be omitted from the Call of Duty League ruleset, considering how devastating two secondaries would be in close quarters combat. 

Nonetheless, the suggestion was lapped up by the Modern Warfare subreddit, with users taking the opportunity to revel in nostalgia from MW2. 

One user even went to the liberty of commenting: “Double Golden Deagles? Sign me up.” With the demand clearly there, the ball is in Infinity Ward’s court to bolster secondary weapons with this simple perk inclusion.


NICKMERCS claims Warzone is “not looking good” compared to Fortnite

Published: 27/Nov/2020 1:24

by Theo Salaun


From Fortnite to Call of Duty: Warzone and back, NICKMERCS is as experienced in both battle royales as anyone. After jumping back into Epic Games’ iteration, he claims the third-person shooter has a serious edge over Warzone right now.

In a long overdue Fortnite return stream with SypherPK, another battle royale maestro, FaZe Clan and MFAM’s Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff got back into the groove and decided it was time to compare his favorite BR titles. Of course, with so many followers, the MFAM audience deserves an explanation for the change in content.

While the popular streamer built his following in Epic Games’ unique title, his Twitch following grew to a whopping 4.6 million followers with thanks to months spent popping off on Verdansk. Having hosted, participated, and won Warzone tournaments in that span, he’s flown into the world’s top 15 most-followed Twitch streamers.

But, with Call of Duty’s sights set on the Black Ops Cold War release, Warzone has lost some lustre and NICKMERCS has returned to the consistently-updated Fortnite. Fittingly, he proceeded to explain that those updates give Fortnite an edge over Warzone.

It took Nick some time to get used to Fortnite’s mechanics, as he and SypherPK delved into the differences between the two games’ aim assists and how exponential and linears differ between the two. Ultimately, despite the discomfort upon switching over, the BR aficionado found himself loving it.

To explain his intentions in trying Fortnite again, NICKMERCS minced no words: “Listen, the current state over on the Call of Duty side of things is not looking good. There was supposed to be a big update coming in December, we haven’t heard anything about that. Really not good.”

And then, to contrast why Fortnite feels like the superior BR right now, he couldn’t help but give props to Epic Games’ consistent content delivery: “On the other hand, for Fortnite, there’s big-time updates and map changes right around the corner before Christmas.”

Fortnite Item Shop
Epic Games
Fortnite’s shop gets consistent action, while Warzone’s is very quiet right now.

Fortnite and Apex Legends follow a similar format as titles, where the game is free and updated seasonally. Warzone was Call of Duty’s successful effort to do the same, but things became complicated by BOCW’s release.

Now, Warzone’s seasonal content schedule has been disrupted by Activision’s focus on selling BOCW. The company is trying to get the best of both worlds: a free battle royale’s player base with the money of an annual title like FIFA, Madden, and NBA 2K franchises.

By putting their money into BOCW tournaments and content, CoD seems to have pushed NICKMERCS to return to a game that, distraction-free, is regularly putting out content.