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Secret changes in Warzone’s Season 5 update: Keycards, Buy Station, more

Published: 9/Aug/2020 12:01

by Daniel Cleary


Call of Duty players have found some hidden changes following Warzone and Modern Warfare’s Season 5 update that were not included in the patch notes.

The release of Modern Warfare’s Season 5 has introduced many major changes to Warzone with two new unlockable weapons, Stadium finally opening up and much more.

However, after logging in to try the new season, players have come across some adjustments that were not disclosed for the patch on August 6. Here are all of the secret changes we know so far.

Buy Station price changes in Season 5

After collecting cash from the buildings of Verdansk, Buy Stations let Warzone players spend their money on killstreaks and equipment which can give them a huge advantage in-game.


One of the Buy Station’s most popular features allows you to trade some of this cash for a teammate’s return and it seems as if this, along with the self-revive kit, has been made cheaper for Season 5.

The buy-back feature and self-revive kit would have previously set you back $4500 but Infinity Ward has now dropped the price to $4000 for each, making it a bit easier to pick up these survival tools.

Warzone player buying items from buy station
Infinity Ward
The prices for self revive kits and teammate respawns have changed for Season 5.

Warzone’s Gulag Weapons update

The iconic Gulag also received some secret changes during Warzone’s recent patch and, although it was announced that they would be introducing new weapon rotations, it was not revealed just which guns would be added for the first week of Season 5.


For week 1, those unlucky enough to be sent to the Gulag will be given either shotguns or pistols for their 1v1 fight but these guns will rotate every week between four different weapon sets.

warzone character holding a shotgun in the gulag
Infinity Ward
Shotguns and Pistols are the first Gulag weapons in Season 5.

Bunkers and Keycards return to Warzone

Keycards and bunkers have quietly been made available in Warzone again, so you can collect some high tier loot with the help of the blue and red keycards.

The new blue keycards have actually been revealed to play a part in Warzone’s Stadium easter egg and can open the locked doors inside this updated point-of-interest.

Players are also finding red access cards all across the map, which can get you into almost all of the loot vaults, as bunker 11 still requires you to gather codes from the phones.


red access cards in Warzone
u/Fidelsanfilippo, Reddit
Keycards have returned to Warzone in Season 5.

Call of Duty 2020 in-game teasers

The final, and perhaps most bizarre, one of these hidden changes appears to be a teaser for the next Call of Duty title, rumored to be named ‘Black Ops Cold War’.

Some Warzone players have reported a strange glitch appearing on their screen while playing, displaying a message that reads “Know your history” in English and “Doomed to repeat it in Russian.

As of now, it is unclear what this hidden message means but it appears as if more teasers are on the way to Warzone, following leaks claiming that the Gulag would be next to provide some clues.

Know your history screen in Warzone
NutterButterAF / Infinity Ward
Warzone teaser for Call of Duty’s 2020 title.

These are all of the secret changes that have been found so far in Warzone Season 5, but as it is still early following the latest patch we will be sure to update you with any new discoveries.