Clayster hits out at “pathetic” CDL fans roasting players who are struggling

Octane and Clayster with CDL logoCDL/Activision

New York Subliners pro James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks has hit out at “pathetic” Call of Duty League fans roasting struggling players via Reddit. 

Despite his continued presence in the upper echelons of competitive Call of Duty, NYSL veteran Clayster has been open about his struggles during a CDL season that has been entirely online to this point.

Despite the obvious preference for LAN, the ongoing global health crisis has pushed the CDL’s second season online, and many players have spoken about the negative impacts of this change.

Another who has struggled is Sam ‘Octane’ Larew, whose Seattle Surge roster continue to suffer in spite of roster changes. Despite being one of the world’s best players in Black Ops 4, he has not experienced any success in the CDL so far.

Octane Seattle Surge sad CDLActivision
Octane and the Surge have struggled since the CDL’s first season.

Another loss for the Surge saw waves of criticism for Octane on Reddit, something Clayster took note of, and condemned.

“Shit like this kinda makes me mad,” he said, “even with me bringing up the strain of doing all this online, we still have a Reddit thread of people cooking someone struggling. It’s pathetic, do better.”

Online play brings a dimension of uncertainty to CoD, with internet connection and other variables becoming important in every single gunfight. It makes consistency more difficult, and explains why so many players are excited for LAN’s return at the Stage 4 Major.

The thread showcased on Octane tweet, which reads: “I hate online Call of Duty so much. I can’t believe I haven’t completely lost my mind yet.”

Comments quickly built up targeting Octane and his team for their difficult season, with many users throwing insults the way of the Seattle AR.

Octane actually responded to the comments, saying: “It actually impresses me the reaches this sub takes. This tweet has absolutely nothing to do with our results whatsoever,” instead mentioning how he also hasn’t seen his friends and family throughout the year.

Clayster was not the only to condemn the comments, either. Pros like Accuracy and Prestinni weighed in, suggesting that fans “don’t care” when venting their opinions.

While fans are certainly entitled to voice their opinions, some argue criticism can go too far, especially when online CoD can have such an impact on players’ success.