Censor continues to take shots at Crimsix – “When money’s on the line, I’ll always beat you”

Albert Petrosyan

The online feud between OpTic Gaming Call of Duty pro Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter and former CoD pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has gone up a notch in intensity.

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Censor and Crimsix first began their war of words on June 4, when the FaZe Clan star claimed that he will be “winning champs on Modern Warfare next year,” and would love defeating the OpTic man in a World Championship grand final. 

Their interaction caught a lot of attention on social media, which led to design artist ‘vLionMan’ creating one of his signature pro cards comparing the competitive careers of the two players.

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As one would expect, the card showed the Crimsix was ahead in almost every statistical category but one – head-to-head record in a tournament final.

Predictably, this further fueled the fire that had been roaring on since the day before, as both competitors tried to diminish the other’s argument while promoting their own. 

@vLionManAlmost every stat goes Crimsix’s way, except for his head-to-head record against Censor in tournament finals.
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Censor made the case that the comparison proved that Crim did not have what it takes to defeat him in a tournament final, claiming that the only final in which that did happen was a minor event.

Crimbot, on the other hand, argued that all tournaments are on the same footing, and that his team’s victory was as legitimate as any other.

However, the comment that seemed to catch most peoples’ attention, was Censor’s final one, in which he admitted that the OpTic man was a better player than him, but not when there was something big on the line.

“My argument isn’t if you’re better than me Crim,” he said. “You are better than me. My argument is: when money’s on the line and the stakes are at the their highest, I’ll always beat you.”


Censor wants to compete again

After a year hiatus, Censor has revealed that he wants to return to competing again in the upcoming season, which will feature the Modern Warfare title releasing in October.

However, before he can think about winning a World Championship, he must first make sure he can land on a top team first, which is not going to be easy since CoD esports will be transitioning to a franchised league next season. 

While he’s proven that he can successfully return from retirement in the past, it may be too tall of an expectation to assume that top organizations will be willing to invest their valuable spot in a player who hasn’t competed in over a year. 

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