Dashy hits back at Censor’s “bs” claims that he’s wasting his career with OpTic

optic dashy and censorDexerto

OpTic star Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell has responded to Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, after Censor suggested that the 24-year-old is repeating his mistakes and needs to take “accountability” before his career is gone without winning more championships.

Dashy has been considered a star player in professional CoD ever since he made his debut as a teenager. As Censor states, he is one of the “straightest shooters” the esport has produced.

However, on the season-end episode of Dexerto’s Reverse Sweep podcast, Censor called out his former Complexity teammate, telling him to stop “playing for kills”, and recognize his chances for glory are slipping away.

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Dashy, seeing the comments, has hit back at Censor, calling his criticisms “bullish*t”.

Censor calls on Dashy to “take accountability” for his career

Censor spoke at length about Dashy, criticizing his decision-making, but also saying it came from a place of love.

“I’m calling out Dashy right now,” Censor started. “All I see in Brandon is the embodiment of the OpTic Gaming culture, that [Scump] always sets. And I have a huge fundamental disagreement with it, and I think Brandon is the biggest issue here.

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“Brandon is always getting everything he wants, I think he’s the straightest shooter in Call of Duty history, he’s such a likable guy, and he uses all of it to his advantage, to get whatever he wants. And all it’s equated to is lackluster champs performances, zero rings, and two championships in five years.”

Censor then listed all the great players that Dashy had the fortune of playing with, including Shotzzy, iLLeY, and Huke, but said the problem was the “OpTic culture.”

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Topic starts at 30:20

“Brandon is the biggest culprit of this culture […] you got to start playing to win, you got to stop playing for kills, you’ve got to start being more of a team player. […] You gotta change your ways, man. You continuously repeat the same mistakes, over and over and over again. You’ve been benched countless times. You keep on getting bailouts from Hector, he keeps bringing you back up.

“You’ve got to take your accountability, Brandon. I’m saying this in terms of love because I believe in Brandon, I love Brandon, I think he’s a great dude. Straightest shot in CoD, that’s some wasted talent if you don’t get a ring bro. You’re only going to get that ring if you change the way you’re going about it.”

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Dashy responds to Censor

Despite Censor arguing that his criticisms were out of love and friendship for him, Dashy was not enamored by the undeniably harsh words.

A quick response, he suggested Censor was only calling him out to maintain relevance.

“Say whatever bs to stay relevant in this community because the gameplay surely isn’t doing it brotha,” he said, attaching a thumbs up to the end.

Censor was quick to bite back, taunting Dashy, “Hopefully I get mine soon and I can put you in the place you deserve to be.”

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Censor is currently the captain of Boston Breach’s Academy roster and will be aiming to make a return to the top level next season.

Meanwhile, what’s next for Dashy remains up in the air, with his spot on the OpTic roster uncertain.