Censor flames Crimsix after announcing he wants to compete again – “You couldn’t do sh*t”

Albert Petrosyan
compLexity - Twitter / Crimsix - Twitter

Former Call of Duty pro player Doug ‘Censor‘ Martin engaged in a friendly war of words with OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix‘ Porter after revealing his intentions to compete again.

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On June 3, Censor hinted that he was strongly considering returning to competing next season, claiming that he will be “winning champs on Modern Warfare next year.”

In response, Midnight Esports’ Rasim ‘Blazt’ Ogresevich, a former teammate of his, playfully suggested a scenario in which his team would defeat Crimsix and OpTic in the Grand Finals of Champs.

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Censor said that he would relish the challenge, hoping it would come down to the two longtime competitors facing off with a world championship at stake. 

“If my team actually goes up against Crimsix in Grand Finals, I hope it comes down to me versus him 1v1 or the win,” he tweeted.” I want to have that over him too.”

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The Crimbot, of course, was not going to let that kind of comment slide unnoticed, as he responded to it by saying he’d “grill” Censor, making a cunning reference to the new high-end grilling station that the FaZe star recently installed in his backyard.

This is where the boldest statement of the whole interaction was made, when Censor replied by saying that the OpTic man would be unable to stop him.

“You couldn’t do shit,” he tweeted. “You’ve already tried multiple times and failed every single time.”

While it was obvious that the two were exchanging in some friendly banter, that last comment had many on Twitter reading it with their eyes wide. 

Can Censor successfully compete again?

Censor’s announcement that he wants to compete again caught many off-guard after what most had felt had been his final retirement after the WWII season.

However, as he pointed out in a string of tweets, he’s taken a step away from competing in the past on several occasions only to return after the hiatuses and find success once more.

The only difference this time around would be the fact that CoD esports will be transitioning to a franchised league for next season, and there are questions as to whether top organizations would be willing to recruit him and hope that he pulls off another successful return from retirement.

He does seem intent on trying to make it, however, so it’ll just have to be a case of wait and see when it comes to Doug ‘Censor’ Martin.