Nadeshot fires back at “truly insane” Crimsix accusations of not taking CoD Champs seriously

Crimsix next to NadeshotInstagram: IanCrimsix / Instagram: Nadeshot

Nadeshot and Crimsix are locking horns once again. Following claims made on the recent OpTic Dynasty podcast, where Crim accused Nade of not taking CoD Champs 2015 seriously enough, the 100 Thieves CEO has now fired back with a heated response.

Despite both being retired from the CoD scene, former teammates Nadeshot and Crimsix are now beefing online over years-old drama.

After the hotly anticipated OpTic Dynasty podcast finally went live on September 19, one particular story from the reunion gained traction across social media. Early into the movie-length conversation, Crimsix discussed the Advanced Warfare’s Champs event.

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With 32 teams vying for the lion’s share of a $1 million prize pool, it was one of the biggest console FPS tournaments of the year. However, the odds-on favorites fell to seventh place. Why was this the case? For Crim’s money, he believes Nadeshot wasn’t taking the event as seriously as he should have been.

OpTic rosterMLG
Nadeshot and Crimsix enjoyed a great deal of success during their run together in Advanced Warfare.

“The one thing I look at him differently over… At Champs in AW, this checked me, this is why I think I played like dogs***,” Crimsix opened on the OG Dynasty podcast.

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“We had just won four events in a row. Then on travel day, he was like ‘Yeah if we win, I’m gonna donate to charity. Tax writeoff.

To Crim at the time, winning this event and cementing OpTic as the top team that year “was everything.” Hearing Nadeshot’s alleged lack of enthusiasm left him stunned. “I was just like what the f***. Even to this day, I think about it.”

“You needed to win it, he just wanted it,” fellow CoD icon and teammate at the time, Scump, chimed in.

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Crim discusses Nade at the 8:30 timestamp below.

Just days after this story gained fire online, the man in question has now issued a lengthy response on Twitter. Nadeshot fired back at Crim’s claims, blasting the accusations as “truly insane.”

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According to the ex-CoD superstar turned 100 Thieves CEO, it’s just a “made up, imaginary story.

“It’s bizarre to hear such an unnecessary lie from eight years ago to justify his average performance,” he continued.

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While acknowledging the future success of the OpTic roster with Karma in his place, Nade didn’t want to let Crim entirely besmirch his name.

“I helped build that team with Hector, Scump, and many others, so I’m not gonna sit back and let Ian bulls*** about my effort and competitive drive. I was ridiculed, trolled, and blamed for anything that went wrong on stage and I promise you that I’m not looking for pity.

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“I just want the record to be straight. I cared deeply about the success of that roster and I’m proud of the championship moments I contributed to during my tenure on OpTic.

“I’ve spent the last 8 years being a footnote on that team’s legacy and I won’t let Ian’s delusions be what you remember about our roster and that tournament.”

Crimsix responded right away, asking if he could call Nadeshot, but there appears to be no resolution at the time of writing. Crim even turned down an invitation to appear on The Flank and further discuss his side of the story.

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We’ll just have to wait and see if cooler heads will prevail or if the two CoD legends will continue to trade barbs online.

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