CDL pro Priestahh accused of Warzone hacks over “advanced aimbot” clip

Theo Salaun
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Activision / Call of Duty League

Call of Duty: Warzone hack accusers have found their new target: Priestahh. The CDL pro has been placed under the cheating radar, as people seem to think that he used “advanced aimbot” for a kill.

As far as Warzone hacker accusations go, it’s rare to see them levied against legitimate professional players. And that makes sense, as Call of Duty League pros are consistently tested for competitive integrity, with some combination of PC checks and league-mandated cameras.

But, during a long CDL offseason, Minnesota ROKKR’s Preston ‘Priestahh’ Grenier has returned to Verdansk. Within a few weeks, he’s already become the subject of hack accusations.

When Warzone first came out, Priestahh held multiple world records. But, times have changed, and a mid-air kill against top player Diaz Biffle has led to a variety of questions. 

CDL pro Priestahh accused of hacking in Warzone

As you can see in the clip above, Priestahh takes his gun out while free-falling and proceeds to gun down a diving Biffle. He doesn’t appear to miss a single shot and seems to pull it off with the utmost ease.

While this is understandable to many thanks to the fact that P is… literally a pro player, others aren’t convinced. 

Warzone fans not convinced by “pro player” defense

The clip was shared to a cheater-devoted subreddit with a simple question: “Are they even trying to hide the fact they’re cheating anymore?”

While it was downvoted to zero once the CDL subreddit caught wind, there are still a number of accusations thrown Priestahh’s way. Most notably, the poster believes that P used “advanced aimbot” and claims “there’s no way he did that with a thumb stick.”

By this point, though, community consensus has swung the opposite direction. Most responses, on Reddit and Twitter, disagree with the accusation. While Priestahh just laughed it off, another reply calls hack accusers into question: “kids aren’t used to seeing actual CoD pros and it shows.”

Overall, while some still think the clip is suspicious, the majority think that’s just because he’s a professional. It might look weird, but, to a recreational basketball player, Stephen Curry hitting 90% of his free throws might look weird too.

All this points to one thing though: we need the Warzone anti-cheat and LAN tournaments as soon as possible. Hopefully those can settle some of the disagreements.