Warzone fans divided over Fortnite-esque “teddy bear skins” in Season 6 Battle Pass

Theo Salaun
warzone season 6 battle pass teddy bear skins

Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 6 Battle Pass and cosmetic bundles have been revealed. But players have focused on one divisive set of skins, which combine elements of teddy bears, pandas, and “The Purge.” 

Some people like realism in their virtual shooting games. Some people prefer arcade vibes. And a lot of people play Warzone, so it should be no surprise that content reactions can be mixed.

That’s the case with Season 6’s Battle Pass, which is the final season in Black Ops Cold War’s Warzone integration. After seeing a trailer and shots of the cosmetics coming, the game’s fans can’t come to a consensus on a new set of skins.

The skins are three differently colored tactical combatants wearing… bear masks. And they’re way closer to furries than the Mara “cat girl” Operator. But there’s a touch of “Purge” in there, some humor, and a lot of room for debate.

Warzone Season 6 Battle Pass “teddy bear” skins

warzone season 6 battle pass panda teddy bear skins
They’re spooky, they’re scary, they’re altogether furry.

As you can see in the picture above, there are three cartoonish characters coming to Verdansk. One is a black and white panda (with “panda” written across his chest), another is blue, and the last is red. Each has a sweet little “Hello” sticker with a heart on their belly.

But, while some players like the goofy skins, others are less enthused. In the replies to CharlieIntel’s tweet, opinions are as mixed as they come. 

One user said “the Panda dude [is] amazing” and another called the full trio “actually heat.” Others chimed in with similar sentiments, calling them “gas,” “dope,” and ‘the new meta.’

Warzone players divided over “teddy bear” skins

call of duty warzone mara kawaii cat bundle
The Mara Kawaii Cat bundle left players with probably the most popular of the animal-inspired skins around.

Yet, as a quality reminder of Warzone’s undeniable community diversity, a lot of players were not supportive. One particularly incensed user summed up concerns: “teddy bear skins … what a joke, so Fortnite-ish.”

And others agreed, calling them some combination of “circus skins,” “stupid,” and “dumb as f**k.” 

Overall, it’s easy to see that people are pretty divided about the panda trio. That might give a mental edge to those who use the Operators, though. Season 6 releases on October 7, at which point you can grind for the teddy bears and prepare to annoy enemies.