CDL Champs Pack leaked in Modern Warfare: M4 & HDR Blueprints, ring, more

Brad Norton

The conclusion to the inaugural Call of Duty League season is fast approaching and Modern Warfare looks set to receive a unique in-game bundle to celebrate the biggest event of the year.

The annual Call of Duty League Championship event is always held to a different pedigree. It’s the final event of each CoD release and it’s where teams truly stake their claim at being the best in the world.

While dates have not yet been confirmed for the final post-season event in 2020, Modern Warfare looks to celebrate the occasion. Following the June 29 update, a ‘CDL Champs 2020 Pack’ has been spotted in the game’s files.

This new bundle comes with an assortment of cosmetic items along with unique weapon Blueprints. Additionally, 55 player signatures can also be acquired, though it’s unclear how these will be applied in-game.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare store bundle.
This leaked bundle celebrates the upcoming CDL Champs 2020 event.

“The CDL Champs 2020 are here,” the bundle’s flavor text reads. With the final regular season Home Series coming to a close on July 26 in Toronto, it’s likely this bundle releases sometime in August once playoff dates are locked in.

“Play like a pro with 3 CDL Blueprints with pro-approved attachments.” These Blueprints cover the M4A1 Assault Rifle, the HDR Sniper, and the M19 Handgun. There’s no telling just what attachments may come equipped, though the builds are supposedly from CDL pros themselves.

On top of these Blueprints, two weapon charms are also visible in the leaked bundle. One reveals the new design for the 2020 Championship rings. While the other is a commemorative plaque for the inaugural ‘Championship Weekend.’

While not everything was on display, here’s a rundown of all items included in the upcoming CDL Champs 2020 Pack:

  • Three CDL Blueprints (M4A1, HRD, M19).
  • Two Weapon Charms (CDL Champs 2020 Ring, CDL Champs 2020 Gold).
  • 55 Player Signatures (From 11 CDL Teams).
  • Three Calling Cards.
  • Three Sprays.
Modern Warfare players can already support their favorite CDL teams with in-game bundles.

Perhaps the most unique inclusion in this bundle is the player signatures. 55 players will have their autographs available to fans in-game. Perhaps they will be available as custom emblems or even sprays. Of note, however, is that only 11 teams will receive this treatment. One of the 12 teams in the 2020 season will miss out for unknown reasons.

There’s no telling the exact cost of the bundle just yet, though you can expect to find it in-game when the 2020 CDL playoffs get underway.