Infinity Ward confirm Realism mode will be permanent in Modern Warfare

Joe Craven
Night Mode in Modern Warfare

Joe Cecot, co-design director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, has confirmed that Realism mode will be added permanently to Modern Warfare following fan demand. 

Modern Warfare has, among other things, added a host of new modes to shake up the established Call of Duty formula. Ground War has brought a Battlefield-esque flavor to Modern Warfare, while night mode is a playable alternative on a host of maps.

Another new playlist introduced in Modern Warfare was Realism mode, essentially a middle ground between the game’s standard Core and Hardcore modes. Players’ HUDs are removed, but TTK remains normal and team-killing is not possible.

Azhir Cave in Modern Warfare with night Mode
Azhir Cave is playable in night or day time.

Recent Warzone changes caused controversy over the mode, after Realism Quads replaced the base version of Quads. However, it appears that the mode is popular among some players, who have demanded it be added permanently to Modern Warfare.

The mode has been rotated regularly, in line with Infinity Ward’s regular shake-ups of playlists available to players. It was actually a part of Modern Warfare’s beta, but its presence has been inconsistent in the nine months since launch.

However, on June 24, Joe Cecot confirmed that Infinity Ward will add it to ‘Quick Play’ as a filter, meaning it will permanently be an option for those who want to play it.

Cecot did not provide a timescale for the addition of the Realism filter but, given the fact it’s a fairly minor adjustment, it’s very possible we’ll see it added in the coming days.

There is also the potential for it to be added with Season 4’s mid-season update, which is expected around July 9, but a final date has not yet been confirmed.