Swagg calls for Warzone devs to finally add console FOV slider: “Stop playing”

Swagg playing WarzoneActivision

Testing out a unique Warzone console simulation on PC, Swagg showcased just how “smooth” the game can be on Xbox and PlayStation if developers “stop playing” and finally add an FOV slider.

Warzone has been out for almost two years now, and players have been begging for one key feature since the very beginning: a Field of View (FOV) slider on console.

PC players have always had the luxury of being able to expand their vision. With a higher FOV, more of the game is visible on screen at any given time. Console players, however, haven’t been so lucky.

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Without an FOV slider, new complaints are always catching fire on social media as console players feel neglected. Looking to force a change once and for all, Swagg tested some unique settings on PC and demanded the devs “go ahead” and add the setting on console.

CoD Vanguard FOV sliderActivision
CoD Vanguard’s multiplayer mode supports an FOV slider, yet Warzone still doesn’t two years out from launch.

Just days after calling Warzone “chalked” on Xbox, Swagg returned for another test. This time playing on PC, the FaZe Clan streamer capped his FPS at 60 and even changed the refresh rate on his monitor.

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All of this was done to mirror the console Warzone experience but with one huge difference. Swagg left the FOV slider in effect, keeping his usual 120 FOV setting locked in.

Right out of the gate, it became clear that frame rate isn’t a “make or break difference,” he explained. “It’s definitely the FOV.”

“I never really understood because all the recent multiplayer games have FOV slider,” Swagg said before adding that it makes “zero sense” for Warzone not to.

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“They put FOV sliders in every single multiplayer game. So bro, let’s just go ahead and throw it on here. Let’s stop playing. What are we doing?”

Having a wider FOV, even with limited FPS and worse performance, is a game-changer for Swagg. “It just feels so smooth,” he said.

“I think you would see a lot more console players who are more goated at the game, overall great players.”

While Swagg is hopeful console players get their FOV slider in a nearby update, he still reached out to a Warzone dev directly to be safe.

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“Hope you guys are still considering FOV [for] console,” he Twitter DM read. Whether anything comes of it, only time will tell.

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