CoD insider reveals Warzone 2 swimming mechanic and early map layout

Black Ops 4 Contraband Map with Warzone 2 LogoActivision

Renowned Call of Duty insider Tom Henderson has revealed new information on Warzone 2, hinting at the battle royale sequel’s map layout and that it will feature a swimming mechanic at long last. 

Warzone 2, despite not having a confirmed release date, is already highly anticipated amongst the CoD community. 

The continuation of Warzone’s issues – most notably cheating and egregious bugs – have prompted many to cast their minds forwards to its successor, which has now been confirmed by Activision and Infinity Ward. 

Allegedly set in Medellin, Colombia, it will tie into the campaign of 2022’s annual installment Modern Warfare II and recent information claims will feature POIs from across the series’ history.

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Medellin image with Warzone 2 logoUnsplash: Mike Swigunski / Activision
Warzone 2 will allegedly be set in Medellin.

New information comes by way of Tom Henderson, a CoD leaker who has revealed details on Warzone and annual installments in the past. 

In a May 21 tweet, he gave players an early glimpse of Warzone 2’s map layout, corroborating information that various fan-favorite POIs will return. 

However, he also claimed that a swimming mechanic will be a core part of Warzone 2, with a coastal region meaning there is plenty of sea to explore. 

Blackout, the BR that dropped with Black Ops 4, featured a swimming mechanic so, while new for Warzone and Infinity Ward, it wouldn’t constitute a first for the series. 

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He also hinted at the layout of the new map, with Airport in the east, Quarry in the northwest, and Caves and Modern City situated centrally. 

Naturally, Henderson’s good track record does not guarantee the accuracy of these leaks. They will remain unconfirmed until Activision or Infinity Ward officially reveal Warzone 2. 

However, plenty of fans will find their excitement increasing as we approach the reveal of Modern Warfare II and, most likely, details about Warzone 2 as well.

They also liked the subtle dig at Vanguard, being used in Henderson’s image as a coaster. Here’s hoping Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare II find more favor with the player base. 

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