Call of Duty Vanguard pros can’t understand CDL’s 2022 ban list

call of duty vanguard cdl flamethrowerActivision

The upcoming 2022 CDL season will be played on Call of Duty: Vanguard and pros are less than happy about the ruleset. Looking at the weapon, attachment, and map bans, players seem absolutely puzzled.

Vanguard released on November 5 and, within days, it was obvious that certain elements of the game weren’t ideal for competitive play.

Some issues, like the messy spawn system, require studio intervention, while others, like the STG 44’s damage mags, can simply be banned in competitive play. Professional Call of Duty has a long history of the latter case, agreeing to remove certain items from pro play, and this season will be no exception.

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Unfortunately, the Call of Duty League’s initial ruleset left much to be desired — in pros’ eyes. There was immediate backlash, as the esport’s officials failed to ban any damage mags and made some controversial map decisions. Now, players are getting ready to institute their own bans.

STG44 Vanguard loadoutActivision/Aydan
The STG’s damage mags are considered by many to be OP.

Vanguard pros call for GAs after CDL 2022 ruleset

While the CDL bans certain items, players have long decided on their own bans. It seems that 2022 will be no exception, as the Paris Legion’s head coach Dylan ‘Theory’ McGee immediately brought up the topic of Gentlemen’s Agreements (GAs).

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Theory instantly complained about Vital and damage mags being allowed, expressing utter shock at the decision. Both have already been GA’d by pros in offseason tournaments, noting how broken they make the MP40 and aforementioned STG. 

As for pros, players like the 2021 champion Atlanta FaZe’s Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson and Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris were quick to react as well. Both simply laughed at the decision to allow Desert Siege in the map pool.

Vanguard pros butt heads over ban decisions

While the New York Subliners’ James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks tried to get his peers to “calm” down, others have been reluctant to. Challengers competitor Christopher ‘Parasite’ Duarte responded colorfully: “Need to calm down? Maybe hold the people in charge of this s**t show accountable … Makes this scene look like a complete joke.”

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Similarly, the Los Angeles Thieves’ Austin ‘SlasheR’ Liddicoat wasn’t keen on relaxing, either. The veteran described the rules as “a f**king joke.”

There has been no response by the league to this backlash, but Clayster is correct that the actual rules will likely change.

The first Challengers competition is in two weeks, by which point pros are expected to come to their own GAs, separate from the league’s ruleset.