Call of Duty Mobile: Five beginners tips to get you started

Brad Norton

Call of Duty has finally entered the mobile gaming space in a significant way with the release of CoD Mobile and here are a few handy tips to help you get started.

With Early Access for Call of Duty mobile having released around the globe on September 30, players are finally getting their hands on an authentic mobile version of the record-breaking series.

The game does a fantastic job of replicating the popular FPS franchise, but the gameplay itself differs for obvious reasons to accommodate the new platform. Here are some helpful tips to get you off and running.

Settle on an aiming preference

At its core, Call of Duty is all about how well you can aim. If you’re not hitting any of your shots, none of your targets are going to meet their demise.

As soon as the game boots up for the very first time, you’ll be entered into Firing Range where you’ll learn the basics of mobile movement and aiming mechanics. Test out the two seperate aiming settings for yourself and find which works best for your personal play-style.

There’s the ‘simple mode’ setting which will automatically fires your weapon from the hip when your crosshairs are placed over an enemy. Alternatively, there’s the ‘advanced mode’ which allows you to fine-tune the aiming function and even enable 1-tap ADS, making it easier to fire at targets from a distance. Experiment with both until aiming becomes second nature.

Activision - Call of DutyAiming down the sights can be beneficial or detrimental depending on your mobile play-style.

Buy and equip weapon upgrades

Throughout your time playing Call of Duty Mobile you will earn a plethora of upgrades for your favorite weapons. These upgrades can be unlocked through the use of XP cards.

XP cards are attained through the battle pass by completing various challenges and earning experience along the way. Once you have a few cards in your inventory, simply navigate to your loadout, select your weapon of choice and comb through the many available upgrades.

From various scopes and sights, to suppressors and foregrips, make sure that you’re not neglecting these unlocks as they can play a pivotal role in giving you a competitive edge.

Activision - Call of DutyEquipment upgrades are also essential as you level up.

Make yourself harder to hit

It’s never the easiest thing to line up a perfect shot in a mobile shooter, let alone when your target seems to be on ice skates dancing all over the place.

This is exactly what you should be aiming to do in Call of Duty Mobile once you feel comfortable enough with your own aiming fundamentals. Constantly switching angles, changing directions, and adjusting the speed of your movement, are just a few things you can do to make yourself a more difficult target to hit, all while landing damage of your own on the enemy team.

Activision - Call of DutyYou’ll soon find yourself at the top of the scoreboards if you keep these tips in mind.

Know the battlegrounds

Being aware of the map is a key factor across all Call of Duty titles, thus, the mobile rendition of the game is no different.

There are a total of nine maps in the game throughout the Early Access period and most of them are recreations of fan-favorite maps from earlier entires.

From Nuketown to Standoff and Raid, it’s absolutely vital that you familiarize yourself with the surroundings so that you can better predict where the enemy team will be coming from. Being aware of spawn locations is an essential way to find yourself some easier eliminations.

Activision - Call of DutyKeep in mind where you spawn in on each map.

Use killstreaks wisely

Last but not least, be sure to utilize killstreaks as soon as you’re safe to do so. Matches in the mobile version of the game can be incredibly quick, so there’s often no use holding onto a predator missile for all too long.

Try to find a safe spot on the map and call in your killstreaks as soon as possible.

Activision - Call of DutyUse your killstreaks as soon as you get them to rack up killfeeds just like these.

Call of Duty Mobile is packed full of features, even including a ranked playlist at launch. Unlocked at level 10, this playlist is for those of you who have mastered the aforementioned tips and feel more than confident in their abilities.

You can read all about what’s included in the Early Access version of CoD Mobile here.

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