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Call of Duty League power rankings after CDL Paris

Published: 23/Jun/2020 17:41 Updated: 15/Jul/2020 17:27

by Jacob Hale


CDL Paris is now in the history books, with Florida Mutineers becoming the first team to win three Home Series tournaments, including the last two back-to-back.

Their 3-0 domination of Atlanta FaZe was a real eye-opener for those who were unsure of Florida’s power over the top opponents, and made it clear that the tide really has changed out of the favor of the likes of Atlanta and Dallas Empire.

Let’s take a look at our updated power rankings following CDL Paris.

12. Paris Legion (-1)

Paris Legion and Minnesota RØKKR at Call of Duty League
Call of Duty League
Paris Legion have been on a steady decline since the start of the season.

Eight losses in a row. Even at their own Home Series, Paris Legion have consistently struggled to put up much of a fight against any opposition, and as a result, it’s become hard to put them anywhere above dead last.

Though they came out of the gates swinging at the start of the season, Paris have slowly fallen down the pecking order, to the point that it’s actually slightly concerning trying to figure out when they’re going to find form again… if they ever do.

11. Seattle Surge (+1)

Call of Duty pro OctaneOctane’s jaw-dropping performances just aren’t enough for Seattle to pick up many wins.

Seattle haven’t done much to find themselves above Paris, really, except maybe just losing a little less consistently.

That said, Paris’ poor performance this past weekend pushes them below Seattle, who will be hoping to finally find some good fortune as the season reaches its tail end and the Call of Duty Championship approaches.

10. Toronto Ultra (-)

Toronto Ultra Methodz Call of Duty League
Joe Brady / Activision Blizzard
It looks like Toronto Ultra might finally be finding their stride in the CDL.

In the last couple of events, expectations for Toronto Ultra have started to increase, and at CDL Paris they started to prove why.

They took Atlanta FaZe to a Game 5 in the opening match before decimating OpTic Gaming, including a 250-49 Hardpoint win, and showing that they’ve got some real potential going forward. It’s not quite enough to move up yet, but if we see more of the same, Ultra will definitely become a top-half team.

9. Los Angeles Guerrillas (-)

la guerrillas and seattle surge at CDL London
Robert Paul / Activision Blizzard
Los Angeles Guerrillas got off to a poor start in the league, but seem to be turning things around.

There’s definitely an argument to be made that LA Guerrillas should move ahead of OGLA based simply on OpTic’s terrible performance at CDL Paris but we might need another tournament or two to fully assess the Guerrillas’ true abilities in comparison to their city rivals.

One more good tournament and they’ll likely move above OpTic, and given how great they looked at CDL Minnesota, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them start moving upwards.

8. OpTic Gaming Los Angeles (-)

Stewart Volland / Activision Blizzard
Few teams have experienced the ups and downs this season quite like OpTic Gaming Los Angeles.

OpTic Gaming LA are at serious risk of flying down the rankings once again after an abysmal CDL Paris performance, but have been saved by impressive performances at events prior.

Should they not make a valiant comeback at the next Home Series (their next event will be CDL London in mid-July), OpTic might find themselves scraping the bottom of our power rankings once again.

7. Minnesota RØKKR (-)

Minnesota ROKKR CDL team
Minnesota’s grasp on their opponents has been slowly slipping over the course of the season.

Minnesota RØKKR haven’t been able to live up to the expectations they set at the start of the season, with multiple top 4 or top 2 performances, and have since started to find their abilities matched.

The RØKKR will want to find a way to get ahead of the curve once again, or risk falling too far behind ahead of Champs.

6. London Royal Ravens (-)

London Royal Ravens CDL team
Call of Duty League
The Royal Ravens have shown progress over the season, but not enough to be recognized as a top team.

London Royal Ravens have proven that they’re no slouches, holding Dallas Empire to a close 3-2 loss at CDL Paris, but they’ve not quite reached the stage where we can see them regularly beating the top-tier teams.

This is something that could change going forward, and the acquisition of Zer0 has clearly helped the team out, but they haven’t yet looked like they can truly, regularly compete for championships.

5. New York Subliners (-)

Attach and New York Subliners Call of Duty League team
Joe Brady / Activision Blizzard
The New York Subliners are looking stronger now after some roster moves shook the team up.

New York Subliners have had a huge resurgence after adding Mack to the team, and it really has completely switched up the team’s fortunes.

They came top 4 at CDL Paris, a reverse sweep at the hands of Atlanta FaZe the final nail in the coffin, but it could have been a completely different outcome had they managed to secure that victory.

4. Chicago Huntsmen (-)

Chicago Huntsmen Formal at tournament
Joe Brady / Activision Blizzard
The Huntsmen will be hoping to find form heading into the final stages of the season.

There’s no doubt that Chicago still has the potential to be a top side, but a serious lack of consistency is holding this squad back.

Though they didn’t play at CDL Paris, losses to Florida Mutineers and Los Angeles Guerrillas at CDL Minnesota saw the Huntsmen drop out of the top 3 for the first time this season. They will be hoping to change that at CDL New York on July 10-12.

3. Dallas Empire (-2)

Crimsix of Dallas Empire CDL team
Robert Paul / Activision Blizzard
Dallas Empire are consistently a top 3 or 4 team, at the very least.

Dallas Empire have had some incredibly hot streaks throughout the duration of the season, always looking like genuine championship contenders, but have fallen at the semi-finals of the last two events at the hands of Florida Mutineers and Atlanta FaZe.

As such, Dallas find themselves moving down in our power rankings, making way for the two teams that have consistently shown that they’re able to play on another level in recent weeks.

2. Atlanta FaZe (-)

Atlanta FaZe Priestahh and MajorManiak
Atlanta FaZe have, at some points in the season, looked genuinely untouchable.

Atlanta has had some of the highest highs a Call of Duty team can experience throughout the CDL season, with two Home Series championships to their name and peaks that many teams may never touch.

That said, they’ve clearly fallen out of favor in recent tournaments, and have been pushed to an unprecedented number of game 5’s, with their Search and Destroy prowess helping keep them alive by the skin of their teeth. If some results hadn’t gone their way, their ranking could be completely different.

1. Florida Mutineers (+2)

Florida Mutineers Call of Duty League victory
Call of Duty League
Florida Mutineers were victorious once again at CDL Paris.

Who would have thought this six months ago? It’s impossible to deny, now, that Florida Mutineers are the best team in the game after their CDL Paris victory, making them the first squad to win consecutive Home Series tournaments and to win three of them in total.

They did it in convincing fashion once again, with their final map against Atlanta FaZe a 235-70 stomping on Hackney Yard Domination. It’s a scoreline most couldn’t have ever envisioned, but it’s a testament to the incredible talent in the Florida camp that they are an undisputed number one right now.

CDL points standings after CDL Paris
Twitter: CODLeague
The official CDL Points standings still sees Atlanta FaZe ahead of the pack.

It will take a lot of doing for a team to overtake the Mutineers in the next power rankings update, which will come following CDL New York from July 10-12.

Mutineers will get to enjoy the event from the sidelines while their opposition battles for top spot. In Group A, Atlanta FaZe will be vying for number one alongside Los Angeles Guerrillas, Paris Legion and Toronto Ultra, while Group B sees Chicago Huntsmen come up against London Royal Ravens, New York Subliners and Minnesota RØKKR.

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How to watch Hitch’s $20K Black Ops 2 Invitational: Teams, schedule, more

Published: 28/Oct/2020 5:49 Updated: 28/Oct/2020 5:50

by Brad Norton


Returning for his final event of the Call of Duty League offseason, Team Summertime’s Davis ‘Hitch’ Edwards is hosting an enormous Black Ops 2 Invitational featuring former champions and popular content creators.

Throwback tournaments have been all the rage throughout the 2020 offseason and no one has been leading the charge quite like Hitch. Outside of hosting Warzone comps, his unique tournaments have spanned from Modern Warfare 2 to Black Ops 4. This time, his sights are set on 2012’s Black Ops 2.

Despite hackers ruining an early test for this particular event, the kinks have all seemingly been worked out. From former championship-winning teams to some of the biggest content creators, Hitch’s final event is set to be the biggest yet.

From how you can tune in, to every player joining the all-star Call of Duty event, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything there is to know about the Black Ops 2 Invitational.

How to watch the Black Ops 2 Invitational

The final event of the offseason is set to kick off on Wednesday, October 28. Opening matchups will be going live at 3PM EST (12PM PT) and the broadcast will likely run for most of the day.

As per usual, it’s all expected to be featured on Hitch’s own Twitch stream which we’ve embedded below. A majority of the players and creators will likely be sharing their own perspectives throughout the event as well.

Teams competing in the Black Ops 2 Invitational

Some squads feature some of the most successful Call of Duty veterans while others consist of popular streamers. Regardless, every team is stacked with FPS talent so expect some close matchups.

Standing out among the eight rosters is a true throwback. The 2014 world championship team of Crimsix, Karma, TeePee, and ACHES, will be reuniting. Formerly representing Complexity and then Evil Geniuses, these four players haven’t been on the same team since 2014.

The full list of teams competing in the Black Ops 2 Invitational can be found below.

  • Team Dr Disrespect: Dr Disrespect, ZLaner, StoneMountain64, & KingRichard
  • Team CouRageJD: CouRageJD, Parad12e, LEQIQN, & MLGImpulse
  • Team The Mob: Classify, Mako, Froste, Flyroh
  • Team Scump: Scump, Envoy, Merk, & Rambo
  • Team Aydan: Aydan, Ritual, Kismet, & Parasite
  • Team Luli: Lulu, Blazt, Frozone, & Almxnd
  • Team Pamaj: Pamaj, Rated, JHaZe, & Exodass
  • Team TeePee: TeePee, Karma, Crimsix, & ACHES

Not much else is known regarding a specific schedule or format just yet. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when brackets are available.

Keep your eyes peeled for highlights and final results as the Black Ops 2 Invitational gets underway.