The Gunless curse: Why a Call of Duty enigma just can’t stay on top

Gunless Talented Troublemaker

Peirce ‘Gunless’ Hillman is one of the most talented players to have arrived in Call of Duty esports in the past few years.

He burst onto the scene with a bang in Infinite Warfare, winning CWL Atlanta with eUnited and making a name for himself as one of the most talented players in the game. He eventually, to the surprise of many, benched himself, resulting in a high-profile move to FaZe Clan – which ultimately turned out to be a failure.

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Unfortunately for Hillman, this would be a reoccurring cycle that repeated throughout his career. With each title that released, he reached the top early, his team started to falter and, following spats with teammates, he ultimately made a vocal exit.

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We have seen this cycle once again this season with the Chicago Huntsmen. They defeated the Dallas Empire for the trophy at the London Home Series and looked unstoppable, only for Gunless to be replaced months later by Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson following alleged internal struggles.

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No matter what success Gunless has in each title, with each team he represents, there always seems to be an inevitable breakdown of the squad and, before long, the Canadian star finds himself sitting out once again.

The question that remains is: What is the issue with Gunless?

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