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Black Ops Cold War leaks reveal fan-favorite perks making a return

Published: 25/Nov/2020 4:04

by Brad Norton


If you’re a Call of Duty veteran, you’ll be pleased to know that some fan-favorite perks seem all but locked in for a grand return in Black Ops Cold War, according to the latest leaks.

Treyarch’s latest release came with more ways to customize your class than ever before. From the most intricate weapon Gunsmith yet, to the return of the Wildcard system and plenty more. There’s a ton to choose from and there appears to be even more on the way soon.

Lifelong Call of Duty players may have noticed a few key perks missing from the three categories at launch. While the obvious inclusions are all there, like Ghost and Flak Jacket, certain fan favorites didn’t quite make the cut. That could be about to change, however. 


Previous Season One leaks have already given us some insight on what new weapons we can expect on Dec. 10. Now, we have new details on additional perks coming soon, thanks to files found in the game’s latest update.

Two perk icons were uncovered in the Black Ops Cold War files following the latest update. Obviously, these could be leftover from previous work, they might have been tested and scrapped, or they may be right around the corner.

First up is the Lightweight perk, a familiar movement buff that’s been prominent throughout the franchise. The general effect of this perk is to help you move faster. Though this can take many forms. It could apply a straight move speed buff to your sprint speed, or it could impact every motion.


From sliding to mantling and even strafing while aiming down sights, Lightweight could improve all of these factors and more.

The icon is near identical to how it appeared in Black Ops II with a single boot running across the image. It’s a yellow visual, all but confirming it will fall into the hotly contested third perk slot.

Next is a mysterious perk icon that appears to be something fresh. A red icon – meaning a buff for the first perk slot – displays a knife with wings as snakes wrap around it.

Call of Duty has featured a number of health-related perks in the past, though most have been controversial. It’s only a matter of time before we find out how this one might change the game.


Black Ops Cold War gameplay
Players could soon be rushing around the map faster than ever.

Despite these icons appearing in-game, take this information with a grain of salt for now. These could be added in with Season One or they could be kept under wraps for a few months longer.

Regardless of when they go live, one thing is certain. Treyarch is clearly set on introducing new perks to the mix as Black Ops Cold War progresses.