Black Ops Cold War leak offers sneak peek at new Fireteam map Sanatorium

Alex Tsiaoussidis
Black Ops Cold War Sanatorium Leak

Black Ops Cold War players have been curious about the new Fireteam map, Sanatorium, ever since it was announced. Now, they can finally get a closer look after some leaked images surfaced online.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 is well underway. However, there’s still plenty in store, including a new Fireteam map called Sanatorium, which will arrive in the mid-season update on January 14.

Sanatorium is described as an “experimental health retreat” deep within the Ural Plains, surrounded by woodlands, hills, lakes, and even some docks. It sounds like the perfect place for some high-intensity combat. However, words don’t do it justice. After all, a picture tells a thousand words.

Black Ops Cold War Sanatorium Leak
Black Ops Cold War has many interesting maps, but Sanatorium is set to be one of the best Fireteam maps yet.

A leaker named ‘DeclassifiedCOD captured a series of images that revealed the map in more detail and leaked them online. The leak confirms everything we already knew about the map but in more detail. However, it goes a step further and shows even more.

For example, the first set of images show a player standing in front of different monuments and structures in what looks like a parkland area. It includes everything from concrete steps, flags, and an interesting statue. It also shows the player roaming around inside a large wooden attic.

The second set of images shows some other outside areas, including a small beach with a wooden dock and some grasslands near a lake. There’s plenty of scenery to take in, but more importantly, it’s good intel for players who might be looking for some good places to hide.

However, the most exciting shot looks like an entrance to an old manor surrounded by a black gated fence and lots of trees. There’s no doubt it will be one of the hottest spots on the map.

The third set of images shows some other bits and pieces scattered around the map. It starts with an image of a small wooden building in a remote area of the map. Then, it shows a long and winding cobblestone road somewhere between the manor and another building.

The last shot in the set reveals what looks like the backyard of the other building. It’s smaller than the manor, but it has lots of open space and even some garden beds and ledges. You wouldn’t want to get caught running across it.

The fourth and final set of images includes screenshots of a dimly lit room inside one of the buildings, a gas station, some open grasslands, and a large foyer with a staircase.

It’s hard to tell where the locations are until we get a better look at the map plan. However, all the signs point toward a diverse and expansive map with a good balance of indoor and outdoor areas.

It looks like the map has something for every player and playstyle. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer rushing, camping, sniping, mid-range shooting, or a combination of them all. Sanatorium has got you covered.

Black Ops Cold War Season 1 has already been exciting, but the new Fireteam map is a welcome addition, and its release will undoubtedly make it even better.

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