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How to fix Black Ops Cold War Streetsweeper shotgun challenge reset bug

Published: 8/Jan/2021 23:52

by Tanner Pierce


While the brand-new Streetsweeper shotgun went live yesterday in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, many fans are angry about the fact that their progress on the unlock challenge for the weapon resets. Luckily, there’s a very easy (albeit slightly tedious) fix if you have the patience to do the challenge all over again.

After getting accidentally added to the game a few weeks back, the Streetsweeper shotgun finally went live in both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone with no announcement from Treyarch, Raven Software, or Activision on January 7, 2021, and the powerful shotty has quickly risen in prominence among the game’s players.

In order to unlock the weapon, players have to either buy a bundle from the in-game store or unlock it via challenges. Unfortunately, the latter method seems to be a bit broken right now, as many are reporting that it’s bugged and keeps reseting progress. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

How to fix Streetsweeper shotgun challenge reset

The Streetsweeper shotgun is extremely powerful in both BOCW and Warzone.

The Streetsweeper shotgun unlock challenge requires players to get a 3 killstreak with a Black Ops Cold War shotgun in 15 different standard multiplayer or Warzone matches. This challenge is about the same level of difficulty as other mid-season weapons that have been added to Call of Duty games in the past.

While this seems simple enough, many players are reporting that once they complete their 15 matches, it’ll show 15/15 in the main menu but the shotgun will remain locked. If players quit out of the application and come back in, they’ll see that the progress has been reset back to zero, which is frustrating for sure.

Luckily, there seems to be a slight fix, if you’re willing to completely redo the challenge over again, that is. As many users have pointed out on Reddit, the bug seems to be stemming from the fact that players are getting the 3 killstreak, leaving the match immediately, seeing the the progress counted, and then starting the process all over again.

As one can see in the picture, many are reporting that their progress caps out at 15/15 without unlocking the shotgun, before being reset back to zero.

In truth, it seems like players have to actually FINISH the match that they got the 3 killstreak in, in order to have the progress properly count. Once you do that 15 times, the shotgun should properly unlock.

Dexerto encountered the same progress reset glitch and tested this method ourselves and it resulted in the shotgun unlocking, so it does seem to be effective, although there’s no telling if it’s a foolproof fix that works 100 percent of the time.

It’s also unknown if the challenge is supposed to require players finish their matches or if players should be able to quit out after each killstreak and that feature is just simply not working. Either way, this seems to be the only solution for now.

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Black Ops Cold War player hits first prestige without a single kill

Published: 19/Jan/2021 2:20

by Brad Norton


An extremely patient Call of Duty player has just reached first prestige in Black Ops Cold War, without ever dealing damage to their opponents.

The name of the game with Call of Duty has always been simple. Kill your opponents before they kill you. It’s the core principle for which every other system in the franchise has been built around.

While a majority of players stick to fundamentals and play the game as intended, there’s always some that veer from the path. As gamers are sinking their teeth into Black Ops Cold War, many have reached new heights with the innovative prestige system. Though one player has taken their time in reaching the very first prestige.

They’re not worrying about their KD. They don’t care for weapon camos or powerful attachments. They’re never trying to top the leaderboards. All this player cares about is ending each match with zero kills to their name.

Black Ops Cold War combat record
Reddit: Pilgore1
This player reached first prestige in Black Ops Cold War without a single kill to their name.

It took a full 37 hours of game time for Reddit user ‘Pilgore1’ to accomplish their goal. Without ever killing another player, they reached the first prestige over the course of 200 games.

Their highest killstreak throughout this effort was a whopping zero. This player literally never acquired a single-elimination, not even accidentally. Instead, they spent their time focusing on other aspects of the game.

Playing the objective and “clearing the sky,” were the key factors that gained this player XP over time. It clearly took longer than the typical prestige, but they still managed to make it happen.

Surprisingly, their overall record was positive despite the lack of slaying power. 102 wins to 83 losses was the final tally. They even had a career-best winning streak of seven games in a row, according to the player.

They used “all three LMGs” with a heavy focus on “vehicle damage” attachments. Moreover, the Engineer perk came in handy as did Cold Blooded. When the skies were clear of enemy streaks and it came time to focus on the objective, however, they simply “[threw their] body on there.”

There’s no telling what drove them to play Call of Duty in such a unique way. Though they still managed to enjoy the process. “I just find doing it fun,” they explained. “I also have a lot, maybe too much, patience, so that helps.”