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Bizarre Warzone glitch is making enemies invisible again

Published: 27/Jan/2022 11:25

by Nathan Warby


Ever since the launch of Caldera in Warzone, the game has been suffering from endless bugs and glitches. The latest, and possibly most game-breaking, is making enemies completely disappear when players aim down their sights.

Much to the frustration of the community, bugs have become commonplace in Warzone ever since the transition to Caldera. Some of which have completely broken the game for many players.

The infamous Buy Station freezing bug was thankfully patched in the latest update, but bizarre graphical issues are still causing problems. All of this is spoiling what should be an exciting time for fans, with Warzone Pacific Season 2 on the way very soon.


Most recently, players have reported another glitch that fundamentally breaks the game for them. Enemies are completely vanishing while aiming down sights in certain locations, rendering the game “unplayable.”

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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen invisible enemies in Warzone.

The issue was raised by Reddit user stumline, who posted a clip revealing the glitch. The player and their teammate notice an enemy in the window of a hut in the distance.

However, when they aim in to take their shots the enemy mysteriously vanishes, causing confusion in the ranks. But although they can no longer be seen, they haven’t disappeared altogether, as shots coming from seemingly nowhere take out their teammate.


Not only that, other parts of the environment seemed to break when the player aimed. The wooden fence they were using as cover became temporarily invisible, while even the gun they were holding went AFK, leaving just the reticle on-screen.

Their only real option was to abandon the fight, and their teammate, and run away.

So when you aim in, the enemies disappear… can’t see anything wrong with that. Anyone else had this? from CODWarzone

Other Warzone players responded to the clip, claiming that they had faced similar issues, both on console and PC. “Had this last night. Same issue at Peak. Xbox Series X user,” said one fan.

“I have this every game, multiple times per game, and I’ve lost so many engagements through it,” said another reply. “This game is pretty unplayable.”


Players noted that this issue seems to keep popping up at similar places around Caldera. Village, Peak, Beach, and Mines seemed to be the main culprits, but we’ll have to wait and see if the bug affects other locations.

There’s no doubt this is a major issue that is clearly costing players dearly in key gunfights. Hopefully, we see a fix very soon and this doesn’t become a recurring issue like the notorious invisible skins.