Major Warzone fix for Buy Station freezing bug on the way

WZ pacific buy stationsActivision

Raven Software have announced a partial solution to the Warzone buy station freezing glitch that has been plaguing the game the later days of Verdansk’ 84. 

This freezing problem has been putting a halt to individual players’ games for quite some time now. First reported back in August, it was seemingly fixed before making a big return in December.

That may not be the case anymore. According to the January 26 patch notes, the team has implemented a fix they hope will drastically reduce the number of times this buy station glitch occurs on all platforms.

Warzone devs improving the buy station freezing problem

Player using a Buy Station in Warzone's VerdanskActivision
The buy station freeze glitch turns players into sitting ducks until their game reconnects.

In the first major update related to this problem, Raven Software announced that a new fix is live in-game and should offer players a little more protection from the freezing: “Major improvements have been made to reduce the frequency at which Players freeze while accessing the Buy Station. Please note that we are still seeing instances of this issue.”

The tweet ends with a thank-you and asks fans to hold tight while the studio continues to work at getting this bug out of the game.

While this should go a long way towards fixing the problem as a whole, there is another temporary solution for players who are still worried about running into the problem in the future.

Anyone who wants to keep up with the latest updates on community problems like this one can check up on Warzone issues Trello board where the devs keep a running list of things that they are working towards solving at any given time.