Swagg explains biggest reasons to be excited about Warzone 2 rumors

FaZe Swagg with Warzone 2 logoActivision / Swagg

Reports have revealed that Warzone 2 is currently in development at Activision, much to the excitement of the CoD community. Many high-profile players have reacted to the news, and now FaZe Swagg has shared his thoughts.

The future of Call of Duty was thrown into doubt when Microsoft announced the purchase of Activision Blizzard. Many fans expressed concerns about what the deal meant for the series’ future outside of Microsoft platforms.

Thankfully, reports have emerged since indicating that CoD will remain on PlayStation for the foreseeable future. Those same reports also broke the news that Warzone 2 is in active development at Activision, slated for a 2023 launch.

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As you can imagine, this sparked a great deal of excitement among the community. Shortly after the news broke, pro-CoD player Swagg had his say on the next era of Warzone.

Warzone 2 artworkActivision
Warzone 2 is rumored to be launching in 2023.

In a recent upload to his channel, Swagg dissected the news that Warzone is reportedly on its way next year.

Before reading out the original Bloomberg report, Swagg said, “The news that we just got is some of the most insane news I’ve seen on Warzone. I cannot believe that this got announced.”

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He then relayed the details of Activision’s deal with Sony. It’s an agreement that sees a new Modern Warfare title in 2022, a Treyarch-developed game in 2023, as well as Warzone 2 all hitting PlayStation platforms.

The YouTuber went on to share his thoughts on why fans should be hyped for Warzone 2, which is said to be a brand new application that isn’t tied to Modern Warefare (2019).

“That is just huge news, to announce Warzone 2 is so nuts. They can’t keep hanging on to the movement, in Warzone 2 we’re going to have new movement, a new feeling of the game, and a new engine. This is crazy news man.”

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“I’m very excited,” he continued. “For the next three years, we get a Modern Warfare game, a Treyarch game, probably like a Black Ops, and Warzone 2? This stuff is huge.”

We’re still waiting for Activision to formally announce Warzone 2, but the hype is already building in the CoD community. Casuals and pros alike will be hoping that the sequel ushers in a bright future for the CoD battle royale.

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