Bizarre Warzone bug turns player’s weapon into a dog

Andy Williams
Bizarre Warzone bug turns player’s weapon into a dogActivision

While Warzone has had its fair share of glitches, perhaps nothing can top this peculiar bug which is inadvertently giving players their very own K-9 unit, in exchange for one of their weapons.

While Warzone has been plagued by the seemingly endless stream of cheaters since its launch. Whether it’s aimbots or wallhacks (or both), players often find their games are ruined by those pesky hackers who are taking advantage of Modern Warfare’s cross-play system.

But while Infinity Ward’s battle royale has been welcomed with open arms by a large majority of the gaming world, there have been umpteen bugs which have also ruined players’ in-game experiences.

Players in Warzone's gas.Activision
Warzone’s gas visuals have caused quite a stir, as some players are getting an unfair advantage in certain situations.

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From inconsistent visual bugs due to the gas in Verdansk to an infinite ammo glitch from using the Akimbo weapon perk, Warzone has most definitely had its fair share of issues — and Infinity Ward are hard at work trying to fix them.

However, the most recent bug might be the most wholesome one of the lot — that is, if you’re a fan of Call of Duty’s four-legged superstar, Riley, who was reintroduced back into the franchise during Season Three of Modern Warfare.

One Reddit user posted footage of a bizarre incident where their AX-50 Sniper Rifle turned into Ghost’s faithful German Shepherd after they were eliminated by the opposition.

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While the bug allows the player to ADS towards the enemy, as soon as they’re eliminated, they drop a Riley-shaped weapon model on the rooftop instead of the AX-50 that was in their hands.

One Redditor explained that the bug is strictly visual and does not impact performance: “It just turns into the AX-50 in your hands. Whenever you drop it again, the dog model will appear.”

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While that is all well and good, Infinity Ward will likely want to get to the crux of the visual issue and resolve this as soon as possible.

Or perhaps this is all part of the developer’s grand plan and we’ll be seeing Riley-themed skins in the store sometime in the near future?