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Warzone hacker shows why CoD players want to avoid cross-play

Published: 20/Apr/2020 19:59

by Alan Bernal


The growing wave of hackers in Warzone is making many in the Call of Duty console community want to avoid cross-play with PC players altogether.

Modern Warfare’s battle royale has been subjected to a burgeoning problem with cheaters since its launch. From aimbots, wallhacks, and even speed hacks, CoD users can come across multiple instances of problematic players.

Luckily, not everyone has come across these hackers, but after checking out XB1-Space_1776’s gameplay, it’s pretty clear to see how one cheater can instantly ruin an entire Warzone match for others.

Infinity Ward
Warzone players are getting taken by surprise from the game’s hackers.

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With a contract almost expiring, Space1776 momentarily exposed themselves to a nearby rooftop where an enemy was perched.


But unlike a regular player, once they opened fire on the ground level opponent, their opposing members were instantly deleted. A laserbeam of bullets reigned down directly at their target and only stopped exactly when the downed player was completely eliminated.

The killcam for the elimination instantly did away with any doubt that the attacker was using an aimbot. After killing Space1776, the player’s gun magnetized to another nearby opponent, immediately downing them as well.

Another Day, Another Game with Cheaters. IW, You NEED to disable cross-play with PC until you fix this. from r/CODWarzone

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“Another day, another game with cheaters,” Space1776 IW said. “[Activision, you] NEED to disable cross-play with PC until you fix this.”


While there is a method to opt-out of crossplay on consoles, a 150-user game like Warzone needs as big of a player pool as possible for people to get regular queue times.

But because of the growing problem with cheaters on PC servers, some players are willing to avoid cross-play for higher quality matches.

XB1-Space_1776 via Reddit
The Warzone player must have had a sick gaming chair to hit those shots, or they were hacking.

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“In the perfect world, the default setting would be crossplay between PS4 and Xbox without PC,” user ‘rogue_psycho’ said. “And an option to turn on crossplay with PC players for people that want to play with their PC friends.”

Infinity Ward have been doing their part to combat hackers in Warzone and Modern Warfare. The company announced on March 31 that they had banned over 50,000 accounts and laid out the groundwork of how they’re dealing with incoming cheaters.


As the Call of Duty community finds hackers across their games, players will want to see more action from the developers.