Bizarre Warzone glitch is launching players into space


A ridiculous new Warzone bug could make you one of the first astronauts in Verdansk as players returning from the Gulag are being launched into space.

While Warzone has been riddled with cheaters, even forcing a large chunk of the player-base to turn off cross-play, the new Call of Duty battle royale has also seen its fair share of bugs.

From an infinite ammo glitch to a hilarious Cold-Blooded interaction, there’s always something new popping up. The latest head-scratching issue has players being launched into space and getting a new look at Verdansk.

Infinity Ward
Warzone’s map has been looked at from an all new perspective thanks to this bug.

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Warzone’s Gulag offers a way for players to earn their spot back in the match after being gunned down. Winning your 1v1 typically returns you straight to the battlefield to rejoin your team. 

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However, this hilarious bug is outright removing that second chance at victory by sending players further than any vehicle could ever travel. 

Rather than simply landing back on the ground after winning their Gulag match on April 20, Reddit user ‘ODST_Viper2425’ was stunned as their character glitched and went soaring into the sky.

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Before their feet could even touch the ground, they were propelled back to the respawn altitude and even further out of Verdansk.

From their new vantage point up high, they were able to see the full size of the enormous map. They were launched a whopping 20,000 meters from their Recon Contract.

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The glitch seemingly popped up the moment in which they deployed their parachute. There’s no telling if the location is what caused the glitch, or if it was something else entirely. 

Infinity Ward
The player was sent far beyond the height of the initial drop.

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Developers are yet to comment on the puzzling issue. For the time being, this could just be a one in a million bug with no effective way of recreating it.

Dying instantly when returning from the Gulag doesn’t look like much fun at all. At least this player got a once in a lifetime trip from the experience though.